Baby It’s Cold Outside.


It was only marginally warmer today than yesterday and even the cats are feeling it. When I came to bed, I found Gatsby curled up in the warm blankets…which is not usually his thing…being an anti social cat and all.

I hate being that kind of person that resorts to having to talk about the weather, but honestly…this is the earliest I remember it getting so cold. I was hoping it would have held out until Christmas.

Thank did for heaters and blankets!


8 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold Outside.

  1. It’s cold here too, but not too bad. I’m not a cold weather kind of person. I’m more of a tropical island kind of gal. I hate wearing socks and shoes and I’m wearing them now. Bugger.

    Have a terrific day and may you and Gatsby (I love cats) stay warm. 🙂

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