Traffic on Thanksgiving

My husband and I spent a good deal of Thanksgiving Day behind the wheel. It probably would have been easier for us to do our traveling the day before but as I had to work up until Thursday morning we didn’t have much of a choice. Besides, we figured, most everyone would be off the road on Thanksgiving Day.

For the most of our trip we were right. Although we had a slow start due to a new batch of snow, we made good time. Still as fair bit of traffic but nothing abnormal. Before we got on the turnpike though we were warned that we were going to run into some traffic as there was a 45 minute delay between exits.

It wasn’t terrible. It could have been a total standstill I suppose but it was still frustrating. For one thing, it was a holiday and unlike most of our trips down to suburbia we were kind of on a schedule. We were both starving and I was exhausted having just gotten done my 40 hour work week…which I work in the space of 3 days.

So slowly we inch our way ever so slowly out of the traffic…and we never did figure out why there was a traffic jam. Yes, there was a bit of traffic but nothing out of the ordinary. If anything there was quite a bit less as there were no big freight trucks clogging up the lanes. Perhaps there had been a car accident but nothing that we saw. No active construction which is usually the case. It was just a reminder of how much nicer it is away from all that annoying traffic congestion. Oh sure, it might take us forever to get from point a to point b but at least we aren’t ever sitting at a standstill twirling our thumbs…unless a heard of cows don’t come sauntering down the road.


6 thoughts on “Traffic on Thanksgiving

  1. I too hate that kind of traffic. We had that traffic when we went to Encinal Yacht Club a couple of weeks ago. Crawling along and never knew why. They all of a sudden things cleared up. Makes for a long trip.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  2. I hate heavy traffic. Here in the northwest it’s an everyday thing as there are only so many roads in such a small area. It’s something I just don’t have the patience for.

    Glad you got to see family. Happy Thanksgiving weekend! Thankful you’re back blogging again! 🙂

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