My husband and I got home from our holiday weekend about an hour ago. When we drive to Suburbia, we stick to the main highways and power through in order to get to my parents house as quickly as we can. On our way home however, we tend to stay off the main highways as much as possible and meander our way from NJ to PA to NY. Today we had planned to stop at The Country Junction aka The World’s Largest General Store but by the time we got there it was closing time. So instead we stopped for a quick dinner at Burger King and hurried the rest of the way home.

Today’s picture was taken at one of the places we typically stop on our journey back. All along the canal system of the Delaware River there are little parks with bathrooms and picnic areas and trails to walk (we almost always see people walking their dogs there). Whenever we stop around here I like to take my time and just enjoy the scenery.


10 thoughts on “Home

  1. I’m glad you are home safe. What a lovely area to stop and stretch your legs. We have these kinds of stops here in California, but not nearly so pretty.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  2. Such pretty scenery. I can completely relate to what you said about powering through to get somewhere, but enjoying a bit of leisure on the return trip. Welcome home 🙂

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