Weather Watching

When I lived in Suburbia I rarely paid much attention to the weather during my day to day life. If some major weather pattern was heading out way…sure, I’d pay attention but on a regular basis, I usually just looked outside my window in the morning to see whether it rained or not. 

Living in the mountains in the winter however, the weather app on my phone is practically my lifeline when it comes to getting to work on time. Generally it takes half hour to get to my house to work, so I give myself 10-15 minutes extra just in case. If there’s snow however, I’ll need to leave even earlier to give myself time to clean off my car and consider taking another route to work (or beg a ride off my husband). 

During the winter, I’m hesitant to make plans. Last year, for example, my husband and I paid for a bus trip in February for our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple. I guess you know how that went (and ironically the bad weather we were meant to get was much milder than expected). After that, I decided that it just wasn’t worth putting down money for stuff. Instead we take advantage of the good weather and do as much as we can then…and hunker down at home when the weather is bad. 

As much as I love living up here…the hardest thing for me is adjusting to winter. Generally winters in Suburbia were mild and often times, virtually snow free. We did have a few particularly nasty winters but generally…nothing like we get up here. I apologize in advance if I talk about the weather often in the upcoming months…as you can imagine though, its not exactly a subject that can be avoided easily. 


9 thoughts on “Weather Watching

  1. It’s not snowed here since the mid 70s and I’m okay with that. I could live on a tropical island year around and be very happy. I do understand you watching the weather.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

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  3. I’ve never lived where there was snow, so I enjoy hearing about it and seeing photos. Weather is certainly an unavoidable and perhaps unfairly maligned topic.

  4. I think when we live in big cities, when the streets are quickly cleared and salted, we don’t really feel the full effects of what winter can really be like out in the country. Hope you have some food stockpiled in case of a major storm.

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