Adventures of an iPhone

Originally today’s post was going to be a lament about my car. Today as I was driving home from work, the odometer clicked over to 100,000 miles. I planned on pulling over and taking a picture of this momentous occasion. However, today when my odometer clicked over I had nothing to record the moment. My phone, which I never leave home without, was recovering from an adventure.

Yesterday I had a busy morning at work. I had an early morning appointment in another town from where I work…an appointment I had not planned on going to, mind you. Anyway, right before the appointment started, I checked my email on my iPhone. When I was finished, I put my phone in my pocket (or so I thought) and proceeded with the rest of my day. After the appointment was over, I stopped at McDonalds and while there I realized that my phone was missing.

I wasn’t too terribly concerned though. I thought that perhaps it had fallen out while I was driving. Or perhaps I had put it in my purse instead of my pocket. So I finished my business and when I went back outside I searched the van I had been driving to find it. No phone. 

I didn’t have time to back track right then so I finished up my business as fast as I could and returned to the first stop. I was fairly certain that perhaps I had put it down at some point and surely someone had discovered it. No such luck. I returned to McDonalds. Not there either. I returned back to work, trying not to panic. As soon as I got back I did a more thorough search of the van and then inside proceeded to empty my purse. 

Once I was sure that my phone really lost I called my husband. I figured at the very least he could call the cell phone company and have my phone turned off so if it had been stolen, it would not be usable. Instead, my husband was able to remotely lock my phone using the Find my iPhone app. He then was able to track it down. It was sitting in someone’s car at the high school in the town that I lost my phone. After conferring with the Principal of the school they went out to the parking lot to the car that my husband had tracked my phone to. The phone had been left out in plain sight, and the car was not locked so the Principal allowed my husband to take the phone back.

I’m not sure if the person who picked up my phone meant to return my phone or what. She did not use it before my husband locked it (and she would have had a half hour to an hour). She had it in the car, instead of keeping it on her so that was another sign that perhaps she was going to try to track me down. But who knows. The important thing was that my phone was safe, it wasn’t used while it was out of my hands. I just did not have it when my car hit 100,000 miles and that sort of bummed me out.


16 thoughts on “Adventures of an iPhone

    • It’s kind of funny how much we depend on them as well. I always have my phone with me, and all day yesterday I kept reaching for it even though I didn’t have it. It was actually unsettling, even when I knew it was safe.

  1. That’s pretty neat how your husband was able to track down your lost phone. I guess it’s hard to say, but it does seem the person found it and maybe didn’t have time to turn it in before he/she had to go to school.

  2. First let me say “thank you” for visiting my blog. I’m glad you got your phone back. Congrats on keeping a vehicle to the 100,000 mile mark. I drove a Ford Ranger that long and longer. In fact it is still going strong with it’s fourth driver.

  3. I enjoyed the adventure of the lost phone and how it was recovered. Amazing to an old dude. I worked on one of the first giant computers in the 1950’s. Now I am lucky to find my way around. Anyway Thanks for visiting the shipslog. SWEET.

  4. I have never truly lost my phone, but I have had those panicky moments where I’m digging around for it. Awful feeling. I am so dependent on my phone! Glad your story had a happy ending.

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