Today my husband got a phone call from his best friend, informing him that he had felled a deer earlier in the day. As he had already had a successful hunting season, he offered us the meat. Unfortunately, due to limited freezer space we had to decline in partaking in an entire deer…but we got a good sized bag full of venison sitting in our fridge.

I have never cooked venison before, but currently we now have approximately ten pounds of meat plus a liver from a different deer. I have a general idea of how I’m going to tackle the liver thanks to my Mom’s cow liver recipe, with no guarantees that I’m going to be able to stomach the thing but as far as the regular venison  meat goes…I am open to suggestions. 

Hubby is determined to try corned venison like his grandfather used to make but I’m interested in other cooking pursuits. I was thinking of a nice stew, especially since it’s already proving to be a cold winter.


16 thoughts on “Venison

  1. You are going to have to let us know how your recipes go! We are a big Italian family so sausage making is in full swing! Thanks so much for stopping on by! What a fantastic blog you have here! A very happy weekend to you! Looking forward to following along with you and your adventures! Nicole

  2. I will ask my best friend how she cooks it, and if it sounds good, I will let you know. My mother’s cook used to fixit, but that has been years ago. Plus they are all long gone. I love the taste of venison, and it seems to be appearing on menus a little more frequently.



  3. Venison is very low in fat and tends to be tough if just broiled or pan fried. Slow cooking to stew it, or pull it for sandwiches (BBQ or just plain) works well. The tenderloins do broil well. Many people here make venison sausage.

  4. When I cook liver, mainly lamb and chicken.
    I always chop it into small bits and fry with onions and bacon for a few minutes then cover with water and herbs and simmer till tender then make a gravy but I have never tried venison.

  5. I haven’t had any experience with cooking meat in general. But I have a childhood memory of eating venison stir fried with onions inside rice paper rolls with noodles and fresh lettuce and an assortment of exotic herbs. I’m so sure it was venison and not beef but I remember my parents telling me it was not “Bambi”.

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