Guest Post: Venison Chili


Oh, hi! C.B.’s husband here, making a special guest post in this here blog, for some reasons. It may have something to do with your usual blogger stuffed right full of venison chili and unable to do much else than mutter ‘write this damn post’. She managed to finish one bowl and several biscuits though, so I guess I will relay how all this came to be.

As a Catskill native, I rely on three things here that are always in abundance: rocks, trees, and deer. Venison is still a common staple with folk around here, and people come for miles around to this area every hunting season just for chance to drop a trophy buck. Failing that, drop any deer and fill up your freezer (and possibly a neighbor’s). An average hunting license in NY costs $88 and comes with 4 ‘tags’. There’s all kinds of stipulations and regulations that must be followed, naturally but the meat of 4 animals is more than enough to have you eating well for a while. A few days ago, my best friend downed a doe (a deer, a female deer) and as he has a full freezer, asked if I wanted some meat. Hell yeah, I did.

Vension, like other game meat, is very lean and has to be prepared in ways to improve the flavor – it can be delicious on its own, of course, but it’s not going to taste exactly like beef if prepared the same way. So if you’re not familiar with cooking with venison, you really can’t go wrong experimenting with venison chili! I cubed up the tenderloins and stew meat (the rest of the meat is currently filling up a quarter of my freezer space). I’ll save the actual recipe for another post, because I have the attention span of a child and I want to go do something else at the moment. I will go over some of my recipe’s highlights, however.

Some people say real chili doesn’t have beans in it. These people are fools and charlatans and can be safely ignored. They make a quart of chili into 2 quarts and make it twice as filling. Eat them beans! I also put in lentils.

Also plan on cooking up some bacon. Crumbled bacon and the rendered grease both add flavor and make up for the natural leanness of the venison.

I used a couple cups of red wine and what little Marsala I had. Some people prefer to use beer instead. There’s no wrong answers here.

The recipe I mostly mangled this batch from called for two cups of beef stock. I substituted beef bullion, and by that I mean I used a beef ramen flavoring packet. Again, while venison can be delicious on its own, the point of this chili was to make you forget you were eating venison. The cubes of venison I cut up practically melted into the chili anyway.

I let this simmer overnight and served C.B. dinner about an hour ago. She managed one bowl and I managed one and a half although I am getting my second wind. It’s extremely filling! I made drop biscuits in the same cast iron pan I fried up bacon in, which didn’t help.

Gotta go make sure Ms. Blogger is ready for some ice cream by now. Be sure to comment, and let me know if you guys want actual recipes in the future! Corned venison is also serious business here.


14 thoughts on “Guest Post: Venison Chili

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever had venison. I was raised on a farm and we raised our own food and meat so hunting just wasn’t in my dads vocabulary. I’ve heard good and bad about venison, but I’ve also heard if it’s not good you fixed it wrong. Seems to be what you are saying here too.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  2. Been there and done that being a born and bred south Texan but I have never added some of your ingredients. Sounds good, but we don’t hunt anymore.

  3. I have never eaten venison, but making it as a chili sounds like a great idea. And I agree….why shouldn’t chili have beans? It definitely should! Also…the drop biscuits sound amazing.

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