Christmas Cards, Jim Henson and Mulled Wine

Tonight I broke open the box of Christmas cards that I had bought over Thanksgiving weekend. I had not bothered with them last year as I was still writing iut Thank You cards from the wedding, but I thought it would be a nice tradition to start.

While I wrote out cards, we cued up Jim Henson’s classic Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas and hubby made our first batch of mulled wine and we settled in for a nice peaceful evening…

Or at least 20 minutes
so. Then hubby wandered in to his man cave. *sigh*

Too bad he finished off the wine…


9 thoughts on “Christmas Cards, Jim Henson and Mulled Wine

  1. Okay, one does not simply watch Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas, it is an experience of the eyes and ears, it shouldn’t be background music while doing cards. What you did was the equivalent of going to the opera and having an iPod blaring country music in your ears the whole time. And then get mad when your music loving spouse gets frustrated with you and wanders off.

    This whole thing makes me mad not because you made it sound like I wandered off to play video games (because I totally did) but because your post makes it sound like I wandered off because I don’t like Emmet Otter. Sorry, gentle readers, but I do, and if she pulls this same stunt while watching “The Dark Crystal” I honestly will cry, my heart shatter not unlike the titular crystal itself. Two elves will embark on a quest to reunite me. David Bowie will be asked to do the soundtrack.

    PS. Plus you like signed my name in all the cards without even asking me >:P

    P.S.S. And we both got exactly the same amount of wine jeeze

  2. What a wonderful tradition to start! And that sounds like a lovely evening!!! Hey in my house if the hubs and I get 20 minutes of quality time together that is a good night!!! Your husbands response was priceless!

  3. heh heh! It is fun hearing both sides! I have to say, though, that a lot of people enjoy multi-tasking. If I wasn’t supposed to do other tasks while watching tv nothing would ever get done!

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