So The Catskills survived Snowzilla. In true upstate fashion, yesterday one of our buddy’s picked us up in his four wheel drive and we headed over to a beer bottling party. Unfortunately, as it was a last minute decision to go I forgot to bring both my camera or my phone. So unfortunately I have no physical documentations so I will spare you the excitement of blogging about how to bottle your own home brew…especially as I am almost positive no one here has a batch of home brew sitting in their kitchen with nowhere to go.

Anyway, it was a good time. The actual bottling process is fairly quick…maybe half hour or so depending on how many hands you have working. Yesterday we had five people so we cranked out the beer in fairly short order and in about two weeks or so we’ll be trying the finished product. The rest of the time was spent eating, drinking, keeping warm from the snow blowing outside and having a grand old time.

Then we carefully made our way home and Sam and I managed to watch Emmet Otter again, with no distractions.

This morning we woke up to a winter wonderland. Perhaps later I will venture out a little to take pictures of the town covered in snow…


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