First Illness of the Season

Yesterday we got hit by another snowstorm. Of course with my luck I had a busy day at work, which required several treks out into the cold.

And while I had been feeling fine when I went into work that day, by midday I had that unmistakable feeling that I was not feeling 100%. And after an almost completely sleepless night at work I was barely able to function.ย 

So I did the smart thing. I came home and crashed. I spent a good part of the day sleeping and while right now I’m trying to catch up on some tv while I have the house to myself I don’t think I’m going to last very long. I am still tired.

I’m trying to make blog rounds but we’ll see how it goes. Between feeling like crap, still having to finish up Christmas shopping and celebrating Christmas this weekend (as I’m working Christmas Eve and Christmas Day).ย 

But I will do my best to visit you and to keep this page updated.


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