Christmas Weekend




Hubby and I celebrated Christmas this weekend as I will be working Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and will not have an opportunity to partake in any family celebrations. 

My envisioned Christmas would have had us spend all of Saturday together, opening gifts in the morning. sipping hot cocoa while watching various Christmas movies and then a nice leisurely dinner. On Sunday we were going to get together with Hubby’s family to hang out with them. 

But like most of my ideas…things did not work out quite as planned. Saturday Hubby went to help butcher another deer for our freezer…a process that took all day. We did manage to get ourselves a tree so that went up Saturday night. We exchanged gifts only to realize that the gift I picked for hubby was not what he wanted/needed. So at 10pm we went back to Walmart to take back the gift (and I ordered the right thing on Amazon). We got home late, so instead of anymore celebration we went straight to bed.

The next day I was grouchy and disappointed that my Christmas had not turned out and I coped by taking a three hour nap. We then went to the inlaws and didn’t leave there until late. But hubby made the dinner we had envisioned and then we put on Love Actually. It was another late night, and now I’m ready for another nap…but instead I’m heading into work soon for what is thankfully a short shift (I’m done at 8pm). We watched The Muppet Christmas Carol earlier today and hubby is taking over the fudge making while I go into work.


9 thoughts on “Christmas Weekend

    • I usually do as well, but this was the first time we were finally given the opportunity to celebrate Christmas together. Last year I was working night shifts so I slept all day long and before that, we lived in two different states.

  1. I so remember working all the holidays. I didn’t mind to much. I’m retired now so I love spending time with family, We miss a lot when we work the holidays.

    Have a fabulous day. 🙂

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