Finally Home

This has been a very trying weekend. I’m thankful that I was able to visit with my family at Christmas time but I’m thinking that it’ll be the last trip down, at least until Springtime. A lot went on during the weekend, mostly stuff that I really could have done without. I’m still mourning the loss of Laura, I’m exhausted and my nerves from the drive back to the Catskills are shattered. Oh yeah, and I’m freezing.

I really need some rest. Tomorrow before work I will blog about my trip. Promise. For now though, it’s time to read a few blogs and go to bed.


4 thoughts on “Finally Home

  1. Time with family is wonderful, but definitely needs to be limited. I’m so sorry about your friend. I think it’s tougher when it’s so sudden like that. Sending you a hug and hope you get some rest!

  2. I have one family member that has been banished from our home. Forever. Hateful and very violent. It’s been so nice without him the last few years.

    Get some well needed rest. 🙂

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