Weekend in Suburbia

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So Christmas was spent at work. It was a very long, mind numbingly boring day that did not resemble Christmas in the slightest…except of course the endless Christmas music on the radio. Throughout the entire day, I just kept reminding myself that the next day I would be heading home to visit my family and it would be good. And well, that helped me get through the day.

But Thursday morning dawned bright and snowy. Yes. Despite the fact that there was no snow in the forecast, snow beat down causing a huge mess on the roads. And, as is Hubby’s habit…the end of my 48 hour shift came and he was nowhere to be found. Or well. He hadn’t left home yet…and it’s a 30 minute ride in good weather. So an hour and a half after my shift ended, he finally arrived. But were we able to hit the road to try to get to Suburbia at a decent hour? Nope. We still had to stop off to pick up some venison jerky at our friend’s house (luckily it’s right on the way) and then we had to go home to get our stuff…then stop to say goodbye to my MIL then home, once again, to make sure the door was locked because Hubby had this suspicion he forgot to do something…

But finally we got on the road and slowly made our way to the highway, where thankfully it was clear of snow. And by the time we traveled an hour, there was no snow to be seen. So smugly we relaxed a little, confident that our drive would be stress free. And well, it was…up until we reached the Turnpike and found that traffic was at a standstill (the picture up top was one of four shots I took of the sunset in the same exact place). Then, as if we were not frustrated enough, my brother calls to find out where we were as him and his wife were planning on skipping the so called family dinner to go to a movie.

But finally we make it off the Turnpike and about an hour later, pull into the driveway. We sit down for a delicious meal and lounge about watching television until I decide that I’d really like to change into PJ’s. So I go out to the car for the luggage and to my complete dismay find that my hubby’s bag is in the car. The cooler chockful of venison steaks and beer (my brother’s gift) is there but my suitcase, with MY stuff is NOT present. So I stormed inside and as angrily as I could while whispering (my niece had just gone to bed for the night) confronted Hubby as to how the hell he managed to forget my luggage! Of course he did not have an explanation other than he misheard me when I told him that I had the Christmas presents and he was in charge of the suitcases as I was NOT going down a flight of snow covered steps.


So I was not happy, but it worked out okay. I managed to borrow some stuff that my sister left behind and my Mom had an extra toothbrush and Santa had the foresight to bring me a very generous giftcard to Boscov’s so I was able to go shopping the next day.

The rest of the visit was fairly low key. Friday night was a downer, for obvious reasons…but the rest of the day was good. I went shopping and picked up some new clothes and I treated myself to a dvd that I wanted. We went out to dinner to Buffalo Wild Wings and them came home and relaxed.

Saturday we had a lazy morning, then went to visit one of my sisters after she got finished work. It was fun and stress free, then I stayed up until midnight to say goodbye to my brother and his family who were driving back home to GA.

Sunday we headed home, and of course the weather was terrible. Pouring rain the entire time we drove home. We decided to forgo to major highways to avoid traffic but the backroads take forever. Still, not being stressed out is worth it. We stopped for a late dinner and finally were about fifteen minutes from home when a pair of deer bounding across the road. We managed to avoid the first deer but struck the second. Thankfully though, we were in the process of stopping and although we did make contact, the deer bounded off and there was no damage to my car.

By the time we reached home, I was literally shaking though. That was NOT a fun trip at all.


10 thoughts on “Weekend in Suburbia

  1. An hour and a half wait after a 48 hours shift? He forgot your luggage? Well, he didn’t do very well on this trip did he. Bless his year. And then the dear. I hope you can get some well deserved rest. 🙂

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