A $40 Mistake

Most weeks, my husband drives me to work. Sometimes it’s because the weather is bad, sometimes it’s because Hubby has something to do in the town I work in and sometimes he just drives me for the sake of driving me. Plus, after working two days straight, it’s nice not having to worry about driving…especially as I never really sleep all that great those two nights.

This week however, I drove myself to work. The weather was cooperative for once (just cold) and sometimes it’s nice not to feel rushed Thursday morning, or have to sit around waiting if Hubby is running late. WSe do have a small parking lot where I work, so for the most part parking isn’t an issue, but Tuesday all the spots were taken and I ended up parking on the street with the intention of moving my car when I had a chance.

I guess you can see where this is going.

I got caught up in work and forgot to move my car. I could see my car from the house and everything seemed fine. So it just wasn’t a priority to move it.

This morning I finally got out of work, 40 minutes later than I wanted. I was about to open the drivers door when I noticed something jammed into the side mirror…(really, who does that?) and found two parking tickets for $20 each because I was parked on the street overnight during the winter.

I didn’t see any signs nearby regarding this…at least no signs near where my car was parked. And again, who stuffs parking tickets in side mirrors? If they had been put properly on the windshield I would have noticed something amiss and moved my car after the first night.

I could probably fight the ticket, but then I’d probably have to take time off work…not to mention the stress. So I’ll pay the ticket and have Hubby drive me to work from now on. Much easier.


How I’m Going to Survive the Rest of the Winter

When I was in the 5th grade, we had a series of ice storms. Like, really severe, closing the city down severe. Even the bar my Dad worked at at the time was closed. So you know it was serious.

From that period, two events stick out in my mind, one humorous and one not.

The first was during the aftermath of one of the ice storms I was sitting at the kitchen table trying to catch up on my math work, after a span of not being able to go to school due to the ice. The weather was meant to warm up considerably in the night so we were secure in the knowledge that the next day the city would be functioning again. It should be good news, except now I had to play catch up with my math assignments. A subject that to this day, I hate. So I was procrastinating and in my quest to drag out the assignment as long as possible…went to let our black lab outside. I opened the door to let her out into the still solid ice rink that our backyard had become but before she went outside she jumped up, took my glasses from my face and disappeared into the night leaving me blind. As the ground was still covered in ice at that time, I couldn’t chase the dog down for my glasses (and no, I did not get out of doing the assignment, nor did my mother believe my story).

The next morning, the defrost we were promised did indeed happen and I was able to retrieve my glasses just in time to catch the bus. And to this day I still do not understand why a normally well behaved dog did that.

The second story was a bit more serious. One of my classmates that year fell on the ice and broke his leg. He had been running to catch the bus on time and hit a patch of ice.

I tell you these stories just to reinterate what I dislike most about winter. It’s not so much the cold weather. It’s not so much the snow. But it’s the ice that bothers me, especially after I fell on a patch of ice just last week. It prevents me from feeling safe taking walks when there is snow on the ground and even walking down the stairs to leave my house can be tricky when they are covered in snow and ice.

At the beginning of winter, I first saw these amazing inventions. One of my residents at work has them for her shoes so she could safely continue her daily walk, even when walking conditions are less than ideal. Then I saw that my MIL had a pair this weekend when I was over for a visit.

And yesterday I made a decision, I was going to get a pair. So out of curiosity sake I logged onto Amazon and tried to find them. Of course I didn’t exactly know their name but thankfully Amazon is pretty smart and immediately showed me what I was looking for. Much better than going to Walmart to try to find them I’m sure (considering I couldn’t even find a pair of winter boots last week!)

Too bad I didn’t order them sooner though. From the looks of things, I could really use them today.photo (1)

It’s Catnip!


When our cats were kittens, we bought them a toy to play with that came with several little bags of catnip to hide in the toy. Evidently our cats are a bit weird as neither seemed all that impressed with the toy nor the catnip so the toy hung ’round the house until I found it this weekend and tossed it and the catnip was forgotten in one compartments on my desk.

When I convinced hubby to move my desk, he started taking apart the desk and found the two unused bags of catnip.

“Um hon, is there something we need to discuss?”

“What are you taking about?”

He throws down the bags of catnip.

“Do you have a problem?” He asks.

“What are you talking about?” I asked, perplexed.

Then I realized just what the bags of catnip looked like.

“It’s catnip!”

“Sure, sure it is.”

10 Lessons In Cleaning

1. It’s about me! A lot of people think they already know themselves, but when you clean…especially if you are working alone, you get a lot of time for inner dialogue. You discover what songs really give you a boost of energy and not to mention what you learn about the various rummage and foodstuffs that you’ve managed to accumulate (usually in odd places).

2.It’s up to me! When attacking a big cleaning project, it’s better to do it yourself as you know what needs to be done and

3.  Stressbuster! Maybe its the fumes from the cleaning supplies but the entire two days I was busy cleaning I didn’t worry at all. For someone who worries like it’s an Olympic sport, this was HUGE.

4. Natural mood enhancer! Maybe it was the cleaning fumes but I felt great!

5. Productiveness! I’m really trying to take it easy today so I can be rested for work, but I really want to do something. I’m trying to resist the urge to bake something unhealthy…which I’m really leaning towards.

6.  Mind! I think this goes hand in hand with the stress relief but I didn’t find myself overthinking this weekend, I solved a few minor conflicts I was having and as my brain was uncluttered managed to have a dream that was interesting and was able to remember quite a bit about it. This seems silly but lately I’ve been having a lot of dreams that I can only grasp teeny details upon waking up…even though I know the dreams were actually kind of cool/interesting. My inner writer has been disappointed in me.

7. Health! It’s so much nicer breathing. Plus, Hubby has been fighting a head cold so hopefully those cold bugs stay away from me.

8. Exercise! I didn’t do any exercising this week. Yes, I know…pretty disappointing. But you burn quite a bit of calories cleaning. I burned more calories cleaning than I would have had I set aside one half hour worth of walking or riding the stationary bike.

9. Rest! I probably had the two best sleeps this weekend. Granted, I did go to bed later than I wanted to, but I felt good when I woke up.

10. Choices! In the middle of the cleaning project, dragged myself away to go grocery shopping with Hubby…which isn’t usually a good idea as I tend to make not so healthy choices when we’re shopping together. But this week I think we did a really good job. Sure, there was some stuff that we probably could have done better with (instead a wheat or whole grain bread I went for what was on sale, Italian) and I did pick up frozen burritos because I really wanted them, but other than that…I think we did a good job at avoiding unhealthy snack food.

Half Way There!

So I got a lot accomplished so far this weekend. Yesterday I managed to get the living room cleaned and organized and started the kitchen. Today I finished the kitchen. I can’t say I reorganized it a huge amount, but the cabinets and shelves got some TLC and everything got a good wipe down. Of course most things ended up back where they started as the kitchen is so small…but it’s clean, I got rid of the odds and ends that were laying around conveniently out of sight and I feel this huge sense of accomplishment.

You will be happy to know also, that I put my foot down over the man cave and insisted that hubby move my desk into that room to make it more like an office. He was more than happy to accommodate me.

The next thing that needs to be done is the bedroom. I don’t think I’m going to go too overboard in there as it really isn’t too bad, but I do want to straighten things out before bed. Especially as tomorrow I just want to relax and do a bit of reading before heading back into work for another round.

I love how good I feel after a major cleaning. I feel doubly good as I’m also eating a lot healthier lately, and just feel like I have more energy than I have in the past. It’s also nice knowing that as I did such a thorough job cleaning, next Thursday when I come home I shouldn’t have much to do around the house and depending on the weather…can plan something fun if the weather cooperates, or if not…can have a guilt free weekend actually relaxing.


Not too long ago I blogged about a desire to start reorganizing our apartment. I had meant to start the project last weekend, but I had other things going on so I didn’t really do anything. This weekend however is wide open…and surprise surprise, once again we’re dealing with extremely cold weather and snow forecasted for tomorrow. Basically, a good weekend to stay at home and tackle the long neglected project.

Originally I was going to start with the kitchen as that’s the room that needs to most TLC but as my motivation was a little slow going this morning, I figured that I’d start in the living room. It’s the smallest room in the house (technically it’s a dining room, as we use the living room as our bedroom, and the bedroom is Hubby’s man cave. I was surprised as how long it took me with this room, but I had to move furniture around a bit in order to really get it cleaned. When I was finished in there I started with the kitchen. I got a little bit accomplished before Hubby got home and then had to stop for the night as we then headed over the mountain to do our grocery shopping and then stopped at Hubby’s parents’ house for dinner again (honestly, we never do this!) and I put the groceries away.

Tomorrow I will finish the kitchen and attack the bedroom. I gave Hubby the task of cleaning the bathroom at some point this weekend. Hopefully it’ll get done. Sunday I plan on making a venison soup I found a recipe for on All Recipes.

For now though, I think I will be heading in for a nice hot bath and a pint of the chocolate stout I picked up today at the grocery store…because after all my hard work today (and all those lovely calories burned off without traditional exercises!) I really deserve to indulge a tiny bit.

Locked Out

This evening, just about the time I was thinking of what I should make myself for dinner, Hubby texts me and invites me over to his parents house for dinner. Although the only real thing we had to eat in the house was eggs,  I was half tempted just to stay here. I was comfortable in my pj’s as I had  spent a good part of the day napping after getting through work for the week.

But free food is free food and if I don’t have to cook said food…even better. So I got dressed and grabbed my keys so I could head across town. Except then I realized that Hubby had taken my car. Being that the temps were once again down into the single digits, with wind chill factor of something like Antarctica. So while I’d usually walk over without caring, there was no way I was going to do that tonight.

So I returned inside and texted Hubby back, chiding him for leaving me stranded. He replied he’d be there in a minute to pick me up. So stupid me put my keys down and about five minutes later thought I heard Hubby pull up. So I stepped outside and stupidly locked the door just to realize that it was a false alarm and that Hubby still hadn’t left.

Standing still just was not an option as I pretty much froze within 30 seconds, so without any other option I started down the steps then started walking down the road a bit, figuring that it would be just a teeny bit warmer.

Don’t worry though, Hubby arrived before I made it to the end of our road, so I got to freeze from the comfort of my car.

And four hours later, I’m still waiting to defrost.

Venison Meat Pie (Guest Post Courtesy: The Hubby)

It’s always fun to write these guest posts, as I usually have no idea of knowing what the Catskill Blogger’s readers want to hear – I usually assume no bawdy stories are allowed and so I work from there.

So this post will be about venison. Ground venison!

Venison, being a game, is very very lean. Ground venison then, can be made into tasty burgers  with a little effort. Usually this effort is ‘mix it with ground beef’ to bolster the fat content. Tonight, however, I didn’t have any beef to add to my thawed pound and a half of venison.

So I decided to make pie! What I did was brown a 1 and a half pounds of venison with a teaspoon of ground oregano. Once browned, I stirred in a 8 ounce bottle of taco sauce and a can of condensed cream of mushroom soup. I would also add fresh diced mushrooms and onions to taste, had I had any. As is, I had a very tasty makings of a meat pie!

I  made some biscuit dough from scratch to make a quick crust. And there is is. A simple game meat pie. It was awesome.



As I mentioned in an post last week, I belong to our local Lion’s Club. As our town is small, it’s no surprise that it is a small club and hubby and I are the youngest members. This doesn’t bother us, but it’s kind of frustrating to hear about other projects other clubs are involved in, and our Lion’s Club is set on doing eye screenings at the local scho0l, selling hot dogs at town events and then a Memorial Day weekend breakfast.

For a few months I was volunteering my time at our town reading room and I stopped due to my job at the time. I need to start going back, if they need it. Granted, it’s not that exciting. There was plenty of days I spent the entire two hours without a single person coming in…but I never can complain about being surrounded by books. Luckily that’s an easy fix. My MIL is involved with the Reading Room and she can definitely tell me if they could still us my help on Thursdays.

I think I may also want to see if the local Animal Shelter could use some help. It’s something that I had thought about even before I moved here, but thanks to this blog post, I remembered that those places often can use help.

If that doesn’t work out, I’m not sure what else…I know when I lived in Suburbia, there was a link on the local paper’s website that took you to a site that informed people of volunteer opportunities in the area so maybe there’s something similar here.