Will You Please Make Up Your mind!

I know I often sound like a broken record here as I’m constantly harping about the weather…but seriously, I don’t think I have ever experienced unpredictable weather before. It’s actually kind of baffling how often we switch around our plans in the winter because of the weather issues.

Today we were suppose to go to a family Christmas party. Yes, a Christmas party nearly two weeks after the fact. Last night we ran errands specifically for said party. This morning/early afternoon was spent whipping up spinach dip and wrapping gifts for said party.

And then the phone rang.

There was yet another winter weather advisory in effect, probably the billionth or so this year. This time is was for ice (as there was a chance of rain today and tomorrow). So to be on the safe side, the party was postponed until next week. If it was up to me, I think I would recommend waiting for the spring, or maybe even a Christmas in July get together. At least than we probably won’t have to contend with snow and ice. Just thunderstorms.

Anyone want to come over for spinach dip?


14 thoughts on “Will You Please Make Up Your mind!

  1. Ha! I would but we have been advised not to leave our homes with the wind chills making it negative 44! I hope that you all are able to get together soon!!! Cheers to you and have a great week!! Nicole

  2. A late Christmas party could be fun. Hopefully you’ll be able to have it before too long! This winter has been unusually severe, and it’s only started.

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