Some Pictures from the Weekend













I was thinking of taking my new camera out and going for a ride to take some photos of the surrounding area on Saturday, but since it was still messy, and I did not have the motivation to really do anything or go anywhere I did the next best thing. I took my iPhone out on my front porch and quickly took a few shots before freezing to death.

Sorry the quality isn’t the greatest, but the winter is still young and I’m sure I’ll have many many opportunities to take pictures of the snow or just generally take the camera out for a jaunt someday soon. Now with the holidays over, there is a lot more time to do things.

This morning it’s raining, and the temps went up to a positively balmy 40 degrees or so. At least that’s what my phone tells me. The snow is washing away and while it’s kind of gross looking, it does give me a sense of relief (seeing snow everywhere is kind of claustrophobic). Unfortunately this break will be short lived as temps are soon suppose to plummet down to around 0 degrees. I know if some places, it’s in the negative numbers…so I feel kind of bad to be complaining. But with everything being wet from this rain and the snow melting, all I can think of is everything turning into one huge ice rink. I have my bag packed to bring to work, just in case I can’t get home tonight because of the ice.


20 thoughts on “Some Pictures from the Weekend

  1. I think your view is just beautiful, but I admit even just seeing the photos makes me feel cold! We are cold and very dry here- like the air just wants to suck the moister and breath out of you.

  2. You have a beautiful view. I hope you don’t get too much of the deep freeze that I’ve been getting. I don’t even like to go out driving around in that.

  3. This weather has just been crazy! I enjoy seeing the snow when it’s pristine and no one has to be out in it, but the hassle it can bring with cleaning the car, and shoveling, accidents, etc isn’t as nice. Even with your phone they’re still pretty pictures!

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