Contrary to Popular Belief, I Did Not Freeze to Death

Compared to some places, we made out fairly unscathed from the polar vortex. Yes it was cold. Yes it was icey. But we also had almost no snow (just a dusting) and while I believe most schools were closed on Tuesday…life was fairly uninterrupted.

So that was a relief.

Monday was actually worse. It started out semi warm (for winter) and the rain from the weekend continued into early Monday. Then just about the time I had to leave for work, the temps began to plummet and all that water was starting to freeze in places. Mostly at the highest peaks. So thankfully Hubby had the foresight to drive me to work as he’s has quite a bit more experience in driving in the bad weather conditions.

Come 7pm or so…the temps plummeted again and we had a a very quick and intense snow shower. I was out at the time, taking a few of our residents grocery shopping. It was not snowing when we walked out of the store and loaded up the van, but as soon as I returned the cart to the cart return…It started snowing like crazy. By the time I walked the 100 feet or so to the van, the ground was already getting quite covered and by the time I pulled out of the parking lot the entire area was already completely white.

Not long after I got back to work, I texted my husband that he should leave soon so he’d be able to make it to pick me up. Over the next few hours though, my husband and I had several phone and text conversations about the road conditions and whether he would be able to pick me up at all (fortunately I had packed clothes to last me to Thursday). Β Even though the snow had only just started, the most direct route was undrivable as the county generally only plows it during the day. Considering that Hubby has gone over that road with bad conditions before, it says a lot that he did not attempt it. He then decided to try the most roundabout way, that again, is over a mountain, but one that is usually better maintained (although I’m not sure about safer, as that’s where that guy flipped his SUV). Β In fact, Hubby spun out in a driveway of a garage when he attempted to pull over to fix the windshield wiper…and very nearly gave up. In fact, he called me at this point to apologize for not being able to make it.

Just before I started the logistics of figuring out where I was going to sleep without being disturbed too much hubby called me yet again to tell me the plow had finally appeared and did I want him to follow the plow to get me. I wanted to scream YES but told him that he was the one driving, and he would have to make the decision.

About an hour later, Hubby arrived and we made it home safely. I was able to enjoy one more night sleeping in my own bed before having to be back to work at 9am the next morning to start my 48 hour shift.

Did I mention that I love my husband?


17 thoughts on “Contrary to Popular Belief, I Did Not Freeze to Death

  1. You made me teary eyed πŸ™‚ I can imagine your heart jumping with glee when he did arrive to fetch you πŸ™‚ There’s nothing better than sleeping in the comfort of home and enjoying the warmth of the one we love and loves us too! Sending virtual rays of sun your way! May your home be always safe πŸ™‚

  2. Hey- so glad you and your husband are okay! It must be such a relief every time you make it home safe from work. That drive plus bad weather sounds like a daily nightmare. Glad you didn’t freeze to death either!

  3. He’s a good hubby for doing that. A keeper, no less!
    Hope y’all warm up!
    We’re supposed to get a storm with lots of wind and rain tomorrow. So you all should be getting some more snow soon. That’s usually how it goes.

  4. How terrifying! I honestly don’t know how I would make it in snow. I have only seen it a few times in my life, and life comes to a standstill when there is only a few inches here. We just aren’t equipped to deal with it. Glad you are okay, and I pray you stay safe. AND warm.



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