Looking Towards the Horizon

Yesterday I awoke to snow. Today I awoke to rain (thankfully, normal, non freezing rain). When the sun was shining, it was nearly too impossible to actually go outside to enjoy the Vitamin D without freezing to death. Simply put, it is turning into a pretty depressing, desperate, and claustophopic winter. And it’s still the beginning of January. 

Now, I know that there are some sadistic people out there that bask in the winter. And while I don’t hate you (much)…this is the season that I most struggle, especially as it can be so isolating here in the mountains. I’m kind of at the point where my usual solace, books, just aren’t cutting it for me and I’ve furtively been making plans to escape to Florida, or California…or hell, even Hawaii. Even though I know all these places are all but a pipe dream this year, it helps to have fantasies. Hey, some people have fantasies about George Clooney, me, I have fantasies about walking outside without a coat. We all have our quirks.

When times are desperate, it’s nice to have something on the horizon. For years, I’ve used this method whenever I’ve started feeling really down in the dumps. Last year I lived for my three days off a week (I was in a really miserable job, and my expectations were pretty low). Other times, I usually had something going on that would keep my mind engage so I just didn’t have the time to dwell too much. One year I enlisted in a few classes at the community college. 

Right now I don’t have anything going on. I actually enjoy my job (most of the time) so while the weekends are nice, they are necessary enough to really lift my mood. The last few weekends the weather has been bad, so I ended up staying inside, reading and doing housework. And while I do enjoy reading…its not something I look forward to doing specifically.

Money is tight, so planning a trip isn’t exactly feasible. I’d love to take a personal day and make an extra long weekend so I can go visit my best friend, but that would require an expensive plane ticket. A day trip is feasible. Even an overnight trip, if we budget…but with the weather…that might not be for a few months out when the need for something to look forward to is much lighter.

I’ve been toying with the idea of going back to school. Most likely online. I’ve found a few well rated colleges with online programs but I just don’t know. One is the money issue. Again. And two. I’ve already done the school thing. I have a B.A. in Psychology that I’ve yet to use in the eight years since I graduated (holy shit, has it really been 8 years!). I have ideas of what I want to do…mainly writing, but in what sort of capacity? Would it make more sense to try to get some freelance writing gigs on my own to do on the weekends? How would I even go about figuring that out? Look for ads online? Craigslist? *shudders*

What are some other activities that might help combat the pesky winter blues?

Any advice is appreciated.


8 thoughts on “Looking Towards the Horizon

  1. I haven’t a clue what to do to stave off the boredom caused by the weather. I live in California where for the most part the winters are mild. In mid February the weather starts to warm so we only have a couple of months of cold weather. I can’t imagine being housebound for so long. I’m sure you’ll figure out how to massage your mind and body during the winter months.

    Have a fabulous weekend. 🙂

    • In Suburbia the winter wasn’t so bad, for the most part we didn’t have much snow (except one year when we had three blizzards in a row) and even when it was cold and miserable there was still stuff close by to do.

  2. Up here in the left upper corner, the grey days outnumber the sunny days. And this being our third winter here, it’s really taking a toll. I know what you mean. I am taking two vitamin D tabs a day. And I’m vowing to spend time in my studio daily. I need to finish projects, but I also installed full-spectrum lighting in there (Ott lights).

    I read and listen to audio books a lot in the winter. And on those occasional sunny days I make it a point to get out.

    I’m taking advantage of this yucky time by teaching myself a new skill. I’ve amassed several books on my subject, got some materials to work with, and will be setting aside time to learn. Perhaps not each day, but during those “boredom” and “ho-hum” times.

  3. One thing I tried to do was look for groups on Meetup. It hasn’t been going that well for me as of late because I’ve been getting nervous leaving the house for long (whole ‘nother story) but sometimes it helps to have fun things planned for every week or two… like going snow tubing with a group, for instance, or just going to see a movie or whatever.
    I really hate the cold too, and I live in Chicago so it has been SUPER cold here lately. I too dream of being able to go outside without having fifty layers of clothes on!

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