Hubby and I moved into our current apartment back in May. We moved in very quickly, in fact, we were not even planning on moving at the time. We were unhappy at our old apartment though, so when we heard about this apartment being available for rent…we immediately grabbed the opportunity without a game plan. And as we did not have a lease at our old apartment, we were able to move into the new apartment within the month.

It was a great move for us. We did not move far, in fact, the new place is well within walking distance of the old place but as we are no longer directly in town it is much quieter so the cats are free to go outside. It’s bigger overall so we’re able to spread out much more. And our neighbor is a very quiet woman…who is also conveniently deaf. Our last neighbor was kind of a psycho who frankly, scared me a little….amongst a laundry list of other quirks that made me hate our old apartment.

So we moved into this new place very quickly. At the time, Hubby was picking up a ton of hours at the wine shop and I was in the process of switching jobs…going from working graveyard shifts to a more normal schedule. So neither one of us had much time to dedicate to putting the apartment in order. We had virtually thrown our crap into whatever storage containers and boxes we could get our hands on and packed without much organization, and unpacked in much the same style.

That was eight months ago, and while our apartment is in some semblance of organization…we could do a whole better. I didn’t make any formal resolutions this year, but I definitely think that this is going to be my next project to keep me occupied during the winter. I have the time, thanks to my unconventional work schedule so hopefully I’ll be able to implement this. It’ll be a slow process, which is okay. Thankfully there’s only five rooms in the apartment…one being Hubby’s man cave which I don’t care about too much (there’s a door that I can close and ignore!). First week up will be the kitchen as it’s the room the drives me the most crazy. I’m still trying to figure out how two people accumulate so many dishes!


11 thoughts on “Decluttering

  1. Oh yes. Been there. When we moved from Ohio to Washington, that was a quick move. Had the placed packed and ready to go cross-country in two weeks. NOw two years (and several reorganizations) later We are at it again. My goal is to accumulate as little “stuff” as possible. Last year I was a madwoman with my crafting. The end of the year I saw the wisdom in doing one thing (and striving to do it well). Hence, the great studio clea-out of 2014. LOL!

    Have fun. It’s a lot of work, but you can really make it fun!

  2. Less is more. Yes, decluttering is a good thing. We are in the process of doing this very thing. There were/are tons of things that we just don’t use. Room by room has less and less clutter. It’s a wonderful thing. A good project to keep you occupied this winter.

    Have a fabulous day. 🙂

  3. Since I took up photography, I seem less interested in accumulating things and more interested in accumulating photos. Ha, works for me! Hope you get the apt. in order so you can relax and enjoy it. Sounds like a good project!

  4. I’m glad your move turned out to be such a blessing.
    Ah, yes- the organizing! I’ve lived in our current house for over 8 years and I know I will be organizing and improving it until the last. The time and money to get it ‘finished’ is always way more than I have. But it does make anything that actually gets done something to celebrate, huh?

  5. It sounds like a great move, we live in a small apartment chosen for the view over space, and its been ten years now, I still feel like I haven’t finished putting things away, lol,

  6. I think it’s good to declutter only thing I find is when i do declutter I need something a week later that i have thrown it happens everytime LOL so it’s so decluttering for me is decisions decisions heheh!

    Have a decluttertastic day 🙂

  7. A quick decision to move was wise. And I do believe that decluttering the house also reduces the mindless chatter of the mind 🙂
    Cheers and thanks!

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