My Little Hunter


After the intense cold snap we had this past week, our cats have more or less been housebound. Even Gatsby, who usually prefers the outdoors to indoors no matter the weather seemed content to hang around the house.

But by Friday he had enough. Sure we had a few inches of snow on the ground…but it was considerably warmer and a little snow never stopped the Great Gatsby. So as soon as we deemed it appropriate to open the door for him, he was out like a flash.

He’d been gone for a few hours when I heard him meowing from the door. Figuring that he’d had enough of the cold, or at the very least…was hungry opened the door for him expecting him to make a beeline for his food bowl. Instead he sat there, looking up to me expectantly. I looked down at him, curious as to what was up and discovered that he had brought us home a lovely little gift.

A field mouse.

A field mouse.

A field mouse in the middle of January when we just had nearly record breaking low temperatures.

That must have been a hell of a strong mouse to survive those temps.

Kind of shame that after all that, he succumbed to the jaws of a seven pound cat.

RIP little field mouse. You were a hell of a fighter.



9 thoughts on “My Little Hunter

  1. Poor little field mouse. I’m sure all the outdoor critters have their ways of staying warm.

    Good looking cat too. A great big Awww. You should link up to my Awww Mondays meme.

    Have a fabulous day. 🙂

  2. what a little hunter and so proud to bring it home to you ~ I used to have a dog that brought home seagulls from the beach ~ cute photo ~ adorable cat ~ thanks carol, xxx and thanks for visiting ~ ^_^

  3. I suppose it’s the nature of life and both just did what they have to do! I hope your weather is getting better, our snow is melting, rain comes, and now windy!

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