Battling the Coffee Addiction

I do not have many vices, except for maybe perpetual messiness…but I do have a pretty strong addiction to coffee.

It started fairly innocently. I had a friend in college who was an avid coffee drinker and when I hang out with him we’d usually end up grabbing a cup from one of the coffee carts on campus and hang out and chat. I’d stick to a single cup and while I wasn’t crazy about it, I found the whole process kind of soothing. Kind of like drinking tea with my Mom and Mommom.

But then one semester I signed up for a late class…and when I was in college, I was not a night owl (seriously, have you heard anything stranger?). I knew that in order to survive the late class I was going to have to figure out a system to not only keep me engaged during the class (as a huge part of our grade came from class participation) but also keep me awake enough to drive the 45 minutes home.

And so I began down the dark road towards my coffee addiction only made worse by stints working the graveyard shift at various jobs…a shift I have thankfully shed. However, I just cannot shed the coffee addiction. Every morning, without fail, the first thing I do is head over to the coffee percolator and will proceed to drink nearly an entire pot of coffee as the morning progresses.

I have also become distressingly immune to the effects. Sure, I don’t make a habit of drinking coffee at night but if I did…I probably would not have much trouble sleeping. In fact, some days I think the coffee has an adverse effect on me. I feel like curling up to take a nap….not all the time, but enough times to wonder.

I think the only reason I continue drinking the stuff is fear (oh and the fact I have grown to enjoy the taste). I’m scared to skip coffee as I know that if I do, I’ll get a horrible headache. It’s happened before and I never want to repeat the experience. It was that horrible.

Every morning I tell myself that I’ll stop at one mug. Just enough to get a tiny jolt and to avoid the migraine like pain that doing without can cause. Or, I’ll forgo the coffee all together and drink tea (and I have a lovely authentic Chinese green tea that is quite enjoyable…but every morning I just can’t help myself. I must have coffee.

Have you ever battled coffee addiction? Or another, similar addiction? How did you manage it? 


14 thoughts on “Battling the Coffee Addiction

  1. i have been drinking coffee since i was a young girl. i, too, drink about a 10-cup pot each morning. but i don’t drink it all day and not at night. i’d have to reduce it over time to avoid that headache, for sure, if i ever wanted to quit. but i don’t.

  2. Coffee is drink of choice in the morning. That’s what I love and that’s what I have. I have two cups every morning. Hubby used to drink coffee by the pots and then quit cold turkey. He had horrible headaches until he figured out why. Love my coffee as you do.

    Have a fabulous day. 🙂

  3. I just started drinking coffee about five years ago. My husband is an avid drinker and after being married for so long, his habit finally rubbed off on me. I can’t say I enjoy the taste, but I have found that I look forward to one or two cups in the morning. As a teenager and into my 20s I smoked cigarettes, but one day just put them down and didn’t look back. I’d just remind myself how bad they made me feel and how destructive it was to my health and that was enough to keep me from picking it back up.

  4. Oh coffee. It smells lovely and has wonderful stimulant effects. Since starting university, I’ve slowly started to drink coffee. It sounds like you are tolerant to its effects – such that one isn’t enough anymore. Have you tried to go cold turkey? Because slowly cutting down doesn’t seem to help since there will always be that voice in your head saying “just one more won’t hurt”. You can get tolerant and addicted to tea as well so I recommend you be a bit cautious otherwise you’ll end up going from a coffee addiction to a tea addiction! Good luck.

  5. I started the same way—-in college during midterm week. I forced myself to stay awake for 48 hours to cram-study. It was awful but I did learn to love the stuff and have been hooked ever since….three cups a day over here….

  6. I have the same issue! After I drink some delicious strong coffee, I tend to want to take a nap. If I resist the urge to nap, I reap the rewards of ingesting the caffeine. But at first, it’s always like I drank some hot chocolate with warm milk. So weird. My coffee addiction is unfortunately quite specific. Starbucks mocha (or peppermint mocha, or dark cherry mocha, or raspberry mocha) with a chocolate croissant. I love their chocolate croissants!

  7. I can’t say I have as big a love of coffee as you… I try not to get dependent on it. But there was a period in my life when I was addicted to soft drinks, I’d be drinking coke as early as 8am before school – I just had to wean myself off it!

  8. I don’t drink coffee anymore: I am oversensitive to caffeine so not a good idea. Unfortunately since I did like coffee. And decaf is certainly harder to come by here in Norway.
    As a result of the coffee I did drink, I would take aspirins to lighten the headaches I would get. But when I stopped the coffee, I would still get headaches and it took me over three years to realise that I was addicted to aspirins! No aspirins meant headaches. I have gotten rid of the aspirins now, although I do still get headaches unfortunately, although not from lack of painkillers though.

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