Finally, the Weekend

I like my job. To work there, and the 48 hour shift…you can’t survive while not liking loving what you do.

But this week, this week, was one of those weeks where I truly was counting down the hours, minutes…before I could get away. All I wanted to do was take a nice hot bath and a nap.

Of course though, once I actually got out of work and home I just could not sleep. I slept at work-better than normal-but I really do need that nap after getting home.

Then tonight we had a Lion’s Club morning where one of the members decided to take the opportunity to show us a never ending slide show of his recent trip to Australia and New Zealand…a topic I’d typically be all over as I love love love everything Australia, but it was pure agony. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by so many of your beautiful photography…but the pictures were dull and the gentleman seemed as though he absorbed nothing about the trip. I’d sell a kidney for the same opportunity and while I have no doubt he enjoyed the trip…I’m not exactly sure he fully grasped how truly fortunate he was to have the money and time to take such an amazing trip.

I admit. I felt jealous and bitter and grouchy.

Plus, I’m pretty sure I left my left over fried chicken at the diner.


10 thoughts on “Finally, the Weekend

  1. I’m sure he had an amazing trip. Some people are just not good with presentation though. I know when I’m showing off my adventures I sometimes do it well and sometimes I’m a bit off.

  2. I give you all the credit in the world for working those long shifts! I can’t imagine but I can imagine that it does take a bit to unwind and rest! Sorry the presentation wasn’t better…maybe next time you can take the trip and deliver the presentation! Ha! A happy weekend to you! Nicole

  3. Someday you’ll get to take your dream trip. When we are young we struggle and if we plan for our future it will pay off down the road. I know it did for hubby and I.

    Have a fabulous weekend. 🙂

  4. My boss used to travel to Norway and other places and bring back the worst pics. At least he would just plop the cd on my desk and let me look at my leisure. You never saw someone scroll through pictures so fast. lol Hope you have a nice weekend!

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