Healthy Eating and Exercise

It started with a scale. Just a normal bathroom model. Nothing to freak out about.

But then I stepped on it. And was totally appalled by the number that appeared. I knew that I had gained a bit of weight since my wedding last year. There totally is something triggering about finally netting a man and settling down that makes you not care quite so much about being a little plumper than normal…but that number was startling.

I enjoy eating healthy. I also enjoy indulging in good food. I also enjoy an almost completely sedentary lifestyle of reading and blogging. Which is not conductive to weight loss.

I broke down a few months ago and downloaded the My Fitness Pal app on my phone. I just haven’t completely gotten into the habit of using it. I use it during the week, diligently. I usually don’t have the opportunity at work to indulge anyway. But then the weekend comes and Hubby and I will go out to eat once (or twice). Or one of us will go shopping and bring home something from the day old table at the supermarket. Or I’ll be miserable about something and hubby will bring me home chocolate. Or cook me something that usually tastes fantastic but had about a thousand calories.

And then I’ll tell myself that I will exercise but its cold and I just don’t like the exercise bike as it’s uncomfortable and I haven’t figured out how to use it and read at the same time (not very coordinated).

But I am trying. I would preferably not sign up for something like weight watchers, but will if it becomes necessary.


20 thoughts on “Healthy Eating and Exercise

  1. I wish you good luck with doing it on your own and get to the numbers where you want it to be. I find that controlling the portion of the meal works out great.

  2. Before I got this suspected-gallbladder problem I was the same: buying treats and not exercising as much as before. Maybe go for a walk once a day. That’s all it used to take for me to stay the same weight and be able to eat whatever I wanted. It might work for you too.

    Of course, now I’ve dropped 2 stone through illness I’d give anything to be a healthy weight again. Don’t let it become a fixation. Just let it be something you deal with along side everything else. It’s corny but true: make it a lifestyle change not a diet.

  3. The never ending battle of weight…oh I know it well. With the long cold winters we have, I am very thankful for my treadmill. Some good music, comfortable shoes away I go. Or, I can always watch TV while walking too. I have never liked the exercise bike. It hurts my butt. Haha!

    Good luck with your goals!
    xo Catherine

  4. winter is always harder to stay on track – and i even live in a milder climate. too easy to pack on pounds under heavier clothing. to easy to stay inside when it is cold or icy or rainy or snowy.

  5. An online friend, that I met personally a while back, had an exercise bike, and she had her husband construct a podium like thing and attached it to the bike handlebars …. so she could put her book on the podium and pedal away!!!

  6. Well, I was rail thin most of my adult life and the menopause hit. I battle my weight now. I’m not fat, but I’m not where I would like to be. I still want to be rail thin. Bugger.

    Have a fabulous day. 🙂

  7. I use MyFitnessPal during the week and take off on weekends, just like blogging. 🙂 It really helps! And it’s so easy now with the bar code scanner feature. I hope you can get into using it because I have kept my weight off (within 5 lbs) for 4 years now, and that app has been a huge factor. Good luck!

  8. Bee’s advice is good. I’m needing to lose weight myself, and I’m just not motivated. We did buy a treadmill in December, and I’ve got a little DVD player set up so that I can watch movies while I walk. It really helps keep me going. Now, if I could just control my eating.

  9. Wondering what you are ‘weighting for’ ~ Read book Living in the Light by Shakti Gwain about how we use food to slow us down or speed us up ~ Either way we are not taking care of ourselves mind, body and spirit by ‘weighting’ our selves down ~ wishing for you what you wish for yourself ~ thanks for coming by ~ happy week,
    carol, xxx

  10. I am not one to give you advice. I have to lose weight and I struggle even though I eat healthy. It’s the exercise that I don’t follow through on. Hopefully this will be the year!
    Wishing you success and the motivation to get off the computer and go for a walk.

  11. I was going to suggest MyFitnessPal but then saw you’re already using it!! If you’re not really into working out I would try Jillian Michaels 30 day shred DVD. Her workouts are 20 minutes long but they are an intense 20 minutes. Commit to doing it three times per week to start and then go from there. It will be hard but you just need to force yourself to do it. You’ll get to the point where exercising makes you feel so good you won’t want to skip it!

  12. Hi there! I could so relate! The love for Blogging sometimes makes me sedentary so this year I started a chronicle of my healthy lifestyle quest
    It helps me a lot to be conscious of my food intake. Agree, being married somehow makes us contented and not bother so much about our weight. It pays to keep ourselves fit though…so I shall be jumping here from time to time to see your healthy living updates too eh to inspired. GOODLUCK to us hehehe….:)

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