As I mentioned in an post last week, I belong to our local Lion’s Club. As our town is small, it’s no surprise that it is a small club and hubby and I are the youngest members. This doesn’t bother us, but it’s kind of frustrating to hear about other projects other clubs are involved in, and our Lion’s Club is set on doing eye screenings at the local scho0l, selling hot dogs at town events and then a Memorial Day weekend breakfast.

For a few months I was volunteering my time at our town reading room and I stopped due to my job at the time. I need to start going back, if they need it. Granted, it’s not that exciting. There was plenty of days I spent the entire two hours without a single person coming in…but I never can complain about being surrounded by books. Luckily that’s an easy fix. My MIL is involved with the Reading Room and she can definitely tell me if they could still us my help on Thursdays.

I think I may also want to see if the local Animal Shelter could use some help. It’s something that I had thought about even before I moved here, but thanks to this blog post, I remembered that those places often can use help.

If that doesn’t work out, I’m not sure what else…I know when I lived in Suburbia, there was a link on the local paper’s website that took you to a site that informed people of volunteer opportunities in the area so maybe there’s something similar here.


8 thoughts on “Voluteering

  1. It seems as if you’ve read my mind. I’ve been kind of looking for volunteer opportunities in my area too. My only problem is that I live in a very small town away from most other civilization.

  2. I hope you find a place to feel fulfilled with the many talents you have to offer. If I volunteered at an animal shelter, my house would be full of pets. Since I already have 3 senior dogs, that would not be good.

  3. Good for you! I work for a non-profit and we do a lot of work with volunteers, we would never be able to achieve what we do without our amazing volunteers. I have always wanted to volunteer with animals but have never gotten around to it. I think volunteering at your local SPCA or shelter would be really rewarding!

  4. Definitely get involved! Starting to volunteer was a great way for me to feel more a part of a community after I moved to NYC. Combining helping other people with things you already love to do is so rewarding! I hope that you soon have lots of great volunteering stories.

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