Venison Meat Pie (Guest Post Courtesy: The Hubby)

It’s always fun to write these guest posts, as I usually have no idea of knowing what the Catskill Blogger’s readers want to hear – I usually assume no bawdy stories are allowed and so I work from there.

So this post will be about venison. Ground venison!

Venison, being a game, is very very lean. Ground venison then, can be made into tasty burgers  with a little effort. Usually this effort is ‘mix it with ground beef’ to bolster the fat content. Tonight, however, I didn’t have any beef to add to my thawed pound and a half of venison.

So I decided to make pie! What I did was brown a 1 and a half pounds of venison with a teaspoon of ground oregano. Once browned, I stirred in a 8 ounce bottle of taco sauce and a can of condensed cream of mushroom soup. I would also add fresh diced mushrooms and onions to taste, had I had any. As is, I had a very tasty makings of a meat pie!

I  made some biscuit dough from scratch to make a quick crust. And there is is. A simple game meat pie. It was awesome.



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