10 Lessons In Cleaning

1. It’s about me! A lot of people think they already know themselves, but when you clean…especially if you are working alone, you get a lot of time for inner dialogue. You discover what songs really give you a boost of energy and not to mention what you learn about the various rummage and foodstuffs that you’ve managed to accumulate (usually in odd places).

2.It’s up to me! When attacking a big cleaning project, it’s better to do it yourself as you know what needs to be done and

3.  Stressbuster! Maybe its the fumes from the cleaning supplies but the entire two days I was busy cleaning I didn’t worry at all. For someone who worries like it’s an Olympic sport, this was HUGE.

4. Natural mood enhancer! Maybe it was the cleaning fumes but I felt great!

5. Productiveness! I’m really trying to take it easy today so I can be rested for work, but I really want to do something. I’m trying to resist the urge to bake something unhealthy…which I’m really leaning towards.

6.  Mind! I think this goes hand in hand with the stress relief but I didn’t find myself overthinking this weekend, I solved a few minor conflicts I was having and as my brain was uncluttered managed to have a dream that was interesting and was able to remember quite a bit about it. This seems silly but lately I’ve been having a lot of dreams that I can only grasp teeny details upon waking up…even though I know the dreams were actually kind of cool/interesting. My inner writer has been disappointed in me.

7. Health! It’s so much nicer breathing. Plus, Hubby has been fighting a head cold so hopefully those cold bugs stay away from me.

8. Exercise! I didn’t do any exercising this week. Yes, I know…pretty disappointing. But you burn quite a bit of calories cleaning. I burned more calories cleaning than I would have had I set aside one half hour worth of walking or riding the stationary bike.

9. Rest! I probably had the two best sleeps this weekend. Granted, I did go to bed later than I wanted to, but I felt good when I woke up.

10. Choices! In the middle of the cleaning project, dragged myself away to go grocery shopping with Hubby…which isn’t usually a good idea as I tend to make not so healthy choices when we’re shopping together. But this week I think we did a really good job. Sure, there was some stuff that we probably could have done better with (instead a wheat or whole grain bread I went for what was on sale, Italian) and I did pick up frozen burritos because I really wanted them, but other than that…I think we did a good job at avoiding unhealthy snack food.


11 thoughts on “10 Lessons In Cleaning

  1. Love this post! Love the great positive spin you put on a otherwise ho-hum household chore! 🙂 Everything you listed is true! I’ve never been thinking these happy thoughts while mopping floors, dusting, scrubbing sinks and toilets … but think I’ll give it a try this week and clean the whole house. Maybe! 😀

  2. I wish cleaning was a stressbuster for me. Actually, honestly, I do LOVE cleaning, when I have an actual dirty house to work with… but my mother’s house is always impeccably clean, and there is nothing rewarding about cleaning something that is already clean! Plus my room is the messiest place in the house because it is just so disorganized. Want to come over and help me? 😉

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