Road Trip Adventures

Saturday night I read a post over at A Chicago-Style Girl in NYC about her adventure in NYC on a free Saturday afternoon. She had no solid plan of action, but knew that she wanted to spend the afternoon/evening having fun around the city. I commented that Hubby and I often decide to go on random road trips around the area without much of a game plan. We just decide which direction we want to head and start driving.

More times than not, we just wind up driving until we get bored and head back. Sometimes we’ll stop somewhere new to eat. Sometimes we’ll get lucky and come across something like a street fair or something. But often we’ll just drive around for awhile and see the sights. And often we end up crossing the border into PA…for nothing special except to leave the state of NY for a few hours.

Having that in mind, Sunday afternoon Hubby and I were hanging around the house doing nothing exciting. As I had spend close to three days at home cleaning, I was starting to go a little stir crazy. So I suggested to Hubby that we take one of our little adventures.

I brought my camera along, with the intention of hopefully finding a decent place to take photos of the winter wonderland the Catskills have turned in…unfortunately though, it was already getting late when we headed out and conditions were not very favorable for the type of photography I had in mind. ย Maybe next time.

Instead we ended up driving to Scranton, PA (home of the American version of The Office), but not before stopping at the PA welcome center where we picked up some brochures for some possible future vacation plans.

photo 1


(This is Hubby’s version of sticking it to the man)

After reaching Scranton, we took the long way back home, via Binghamton. We thought about catching a movie at the AMC theater but there wasn’t much of interest playing so we decided to figure out our dining options. We ended up eating at a Japanese buffet called Buffet Star…mostly because they boasted a sushi bar as well as a chocolate fountain. It got decent ratings on Yelp as well, so we gave it a shot…and were quite impressed. They had good drink specials, BOGO on both bottles of beer and glasses of wine so we both ordered a glass of Shiraz (our most recent favorite wine) and headed over to the Sushi bar, which had about a dozen options. I ended up sticking with the sushi as while it was not earth shattering great…it was tasty enough and satisfying enough that I didn’t care to check out the other options. I even turned down dessert aside from the requisite fortune cookie.

We ended our meal (and adventure) by ordering sake…which turned out to be hot sake. I had never tried it properly before, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. It’s very sweet, which was a little off putting at first but between the alcohol and the heat it was very relaxing…and it stuck with me for the entire hour long ride home.

photo 2

(Probably the best part of drinking Sake is the carafe and teeny cup)



16 thoughts on “Road Trip Adventures

  1. i cannot tell you how many times sarge and i went on adventures like this. back roads, small stops, stopping by a lake or a creek, hiking, picnic lunches (packed by me or picked up along the way), talking to people, just plain fun!

    smiles, bee

  2. Sake… I haven’t had that in years. It would probably make my upper lip go numb. I’m such the lightweight. A chocolate fountain? OMG… I think I like that, but then part of me thinks not. I love chocolate.

    Don’t you love those adventures? We do this all the time. All it costs is a meal and gas. And you’ve been on a mini vacation! Yay for you two!

    P.S. HUbby’s non-smile made me laugh. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hey, thanks for the shout out! This looks like such a fun adventure. One of these days, you all need to hop in the car and point it towards Manhattan. If you like sake, you should try this sake I had that is actually opaque. It’s got like rice wine or rice flour or something in it. It came in an adorable pink bottle. Perfect for accidentally overdoing it.

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