It’s Catnip!


When our cats were kittens, we bought them a toy to play with that came with several little bags of catnip to hide in the toy. Evidently our cats are a bit weird as neither seemed all that impressed with the toy nor the catnip so the toy hung ’round the house until I found it this weekend and tossed it and the catnip was forgotten in one compartments on my desk.

When I convinced hubby to move my desk, he started taking apart the desk and found the two unused bags of catnip.

“Um hon, is there something we need to discuss?”

“What are you taking about?”

He throws down the bags of catnip.

“Do you have a problem?” He asks.

“What are you talking about?” I asked, perplexed.

Then I realized just what the bags of catnip looked like.

“It’s catnip!”

“Sure, sure it is.”


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