How I’m Going to Survive the Rest of the Winter

When I was in the 5th grade, we had a series of ice storms. Like, really severe, closing the city down severe. Even the bar my Dad worked at at the time was closed. So you know it was serious.

From that period, two events stick out in my mind, one humorous and one not.

The first was during the aftermath of one of the ice storms I was sitting at the kitchen table trying to catch up on my math work, after a span of not being able to go to school due to the ice. The weather was meant to warm up considerably in the night so we were secure in the knowledge that the next day the city would be functioning again. It should be good news, except now I had to play catch up with my math assignments. A subject that to this day, I hate. So I was procrastinating and in my quest to drag out the assignment as long as possible…went to let our black lab outside. I opened the door to let her out into the still solid ice rink that our backyard had become but before she went outside she jumped up, took my glasses from my face and disappeared into the night leaving me blind. As the ground was still covered in ice at that time, I couldn’t chase the dog down for my glasses (and no, I did not get out of doing the assignment, nor did my mother believe my story).

The next morning, the defrost we were promised did indeed happen and I was able to retrieve my glasses just in time to catch the bus. And to this day I still do not understand why a normally well behaved dog did that.

The second story was a bit more serious. One of my classmates that year fell on the ice and broke his leg. He had been running to catch the bus on time and hit a patch of ice.

I tell you these stories just to reinterate what I dislike most about winter. It’s not so much the cold weather. It’s not so much the snow. But it’s the ice that bothers me, especially after I fell on a patch of ice just last week. It prevents me from feeling safe taking walks when there is snow on the ground and even walking down the stairs to leave my house can be tricky when they are covered in snow and ice.

At the beginning of winter, I first saw these amazing inventions. One of my residents at work has them for her shoes so she could safely continue her daily walk, even when walking conditions are less than ideal. Then I saw that my MIL had a pair this weekend when I was over for a visit.

And yesterday I made a decision, I was going to get a pair. So out of curiosity sake I logged onto Amazon and tried to find them. Of course I didn’t exactly know their name but thankfully Amazon is pretty smart and immediately showed me what I was looking for. Much better than going to Walmart to try to find them I’m sure (considering I couldn’t even find a pair of winter boots last week!)

Too bad I didn’t order them sooner though. From the looks of things, I could really use them (1)


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