A $40 Mistake

Most weeks, my husband drives me to work. Sometimes it’s because the weather is bad, sometimes it’s because Hubby has something to do in the town I work in and sometimes he just drives me for the sake of driving me. Plus, after working two days straight, it’s nice not having to worry about driving…especially as I never really sleep all that great those two nights.

This week however, I drove myself to work. The weather was cooperative for once (just cold) and sometimes it’s nice not to feel rushed Thursday morning, or have to sit around waiting if Hubby is running late. WSe do have a small parking lot where I work, so for the most part parking isn’t an issue, but Tuesday all the spots were taken and I ended up parking on the street with the intention of moving my car when I had a chance.

I guess you can see where this is going.

I got caught up in work and forgot to move my car. I could see my car from the house and everything seemed fine. So it just wasn’t a priority to move it.

This morning I finally got out of work, 40 minutes later than I wanted. I was about to open the drivers door when I noticed something jammed into the side mirror…(really, who does that?) and found two parking tickets for $20 each because I was parked on the street overnight during the winter.

I didn’t see any signs nearby regarding this…at least no signs near where my car was parked. And again, who stuffs parking tickets in side mirrors? If they had been put properly on the windshield I would have noticed something amiss and moved my car after the first night.

I could probably fight the ticket, but then I’d probably have to take time off work…not to mention the stress. So I’ll pay the ticket and have Hubby drive me to work from now on. Much easier.


10 thoughts on “A $40 Mistake

  1. I got one once… it was posted on signs at the city limits. Really? That’s it? I was helping overnight at the winter homeless shelter. Managed to talk my way out of it, but sheesh.

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