A Walk Around Town

So my ice grippers arrived on Thursday and although I did not feel great on Friday, I dragged myself out of the house. I didn’t bring my camera as sadly, the memory chip and my laptop are not getting along but I did bring my iPhone so I could still take some pictures to share.

I started out by going over to the park across the street from my apartment and poked around a bit. I love this park, mostly because it’s night on the Delaware river and there’s always something interesting going on there whether it’s something  as simple as Canada geese hanging around, people walking their dogs, or something exciting like a wedding (our good friends’ got married there) or a legitimate photo shoot.

photo (5)

Before I left the park, I notice the bulletin board was quite interesting. Usually it’s filled with advertisements for B&B’s and local events but today I found a hand drawn advertisement for a local author’s book and a open letter from somebody going through a quarter-life crisis in search of people interesting in starting up a commune.

photo (3)photo (4)

After I got bored of the park, I crossed the covered bridge and poked around the opposite bank a bit.

photo (7) photo (9) photo (12) photo (11)

I saw a group of kids playing hockey, but felt weird taking their pictures. Instead I took a few pictures of the old cemetery.

photo (15) photo (17)

And I spied some actual color aside white and gray.

photo (19)

photo (22)

I looped around and came across this little gem I never noticed before.

photo (20)

Finally I popped over to visit Hubby at the wine shop where he was working and picked up a few bottles of wine to get through that night the weekend.


14 thoughts on “A Walk Around Town

  1. I got stuck on the guy that wants to start a commune. I wouldn’t want to live in the same house with him. I’m just saying.

    Lovely shots of winter.

    Have a fabulous weekend. 🙂

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