This week I had the good intention of moving this blog’s focus on events in the Catskills. At work this week I scoured the local paper for events going on, or noteworthy news stories that I could feature and I came up with several different ideas. There was an Ice Harvest Festival. There is a very cool Chili Cook-Off/Art Event going on today. But we never made it to the ice festival and the chili cook off was just a tad too pricey for our bank account and waistline. But there was one news story that did catch my eye that was relevant to the Catskills and was also relevant to the biggest weekend of February, The Superbowl of course.

Now, I actually have little interest in the game itself. I do enjoy the commercials and I’d love to see the Half Time show as the Red Hot Chili Peppers are playing whom I love but as far as the actual football portion of the game…nah, don’t care either way and Hubby is not a football fan either…so we’ll be skipping it as we do most years.

But I did learn this past week that the goal posts that will be used were built in the heart of The Catskills. In fact, in the very town that I work in.

I know it doesn’t seem like a huge deal. They are just goal posts after all, and there are many many companies throughout the country that make goalposts for anything from Peewee league football to the NFL stadiums. But to me, and I suppose people around here, the fact that our product is going to be featured so predominately is a positive sign on an economic standpoint which, truthfully is not strong up here.



12 thoughts on “Goal!

  1. We are not a football family either, i didn’t even know who was playing!! BUT I won two tickets to the game, gave them to my son so we watched the entire game. The commercials don’t interest me either but I do LOVE Bruno Mars!!

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