Our Family is Growing

When I moved up here to the Catskills, even before Hubby and I were married I knew that I wanted to get a dog.

I had grown up with dogs. In fact, when I was growing up there was only a span of several weeks where we did not have a dog. Having a canine companion just felt natural to me and I made it very clear to hubby that eventually, we would get a dog. But somehow we ended up with cats. And well, they were very nice cats…as far as cats went. So I tried to convince myself that I was satisfied.

But that itch just didn’t go away.

And then my Mom’s Bichon Buddy passed away. I had just turned 15 when we adopted Buddy, thus, he had been in my life half my life but then suddenly, he was gone.

And I decided that we had to get a dog and for the next few months, I trolled the internet on websites like Petfinders and Drama Free Pets. I read the paper at work, hoping to come across a dog we could afford.

But nothing felt right.

Finally, about two weeks ago I got into a conversation with one of my coworkers who is a huge animal lover. I admitted to her that I really wanted to get a dog, but hadn’t had much luck. She swore that she would find me a dog, and I laughed…not taking me serious.

But last weekend Hubby and I were grocery shopping and I got a text message from my coworker. As promised, she had news of two leads she had come across. The first was a 10 month old mini Pincer and the other was a littler of mutts that had just been born. With very little convincing, hubby started getting excited and we inquired about the mini Pincer but the owner had decided to give the dog to a family member. So we moved on to the puppies and made plans to check them out.

We went to see the puppies today. They are a combination of a all black Chihuahua and a beagle…which is actually becoming one of those “in” combos dogs nicknamed a Cheagle…and we both definitely liked what we saw. The woman was extremely nice and the parents were exactly what I wanted to see. They were both well tempered and affectionate and we found a little sweetheart that Hubby and I both bonded with.

So in about 3 or 4 months we’ll be bringing home a little puppy and I am thrilled. Next weekend I’ll be dedicating my time in reading up on puppy care and figuring out exactly what we need to get for her and of course trying to figure out a name. As both our cats have literary names, I kind of want to keep with that theme. I’m leaving towards Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

photo (30) photo (29) photo (31)


24 thoughts on “Our Family is Growing

  1. Awwwwwwww, sweet. That 2nd image just melts my heart. I’m thinking any name would be fitting for such a darling…love the name Holly. The white belly marking looks like a feathery “M” at the very bottom…How ’bout Emma? Then, there is always the chance you could adopt TWO and name them Thelma and Louise! 😉

  2. That puppy is so lovely! I can’t wait to see pics of her cuddling with the cats at some point. I’d love to get a dog but there’s just no way we can take care of one. At some point, a future child of mine will swear to take care of the dog all by themselves. Then I’ll have a dog.

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