Battling Stress

I have a fairly stressful job. Thankfully, unlike other jobs I’ve had in the past…the stress is manageable but it’s still there. On top of the normal stress that my job brings…the hours also contribute. In fact, a lot of weeks…it’s the long hours that have me grateful for the sanctuary of my house come Thursday morning. I work a normal shift Monday. I got in at 2pm, then I work until 10pm and go home to sleep in my own bed. However, Tuesday morning I’m due in at 9am and I don’t leave work until 9am Thursday morning. I’m “off duty” between the hours of 10pm and 6am Tuesday/Wednesday night but I typically don’t sleep well.

I love my job, most weeks, but you know that on Thursday morning I am literally counting down the minutes until I can leave for the week.

Because of the stress and lack of sleep…it’s important that I use the weekends wisely so that when I return back to work on Monday I feel renewed and ready for the week ahead.

There are several ways I like to de-stress. My absolute favorite way to do this is reading. I always have a back log of books on my bookshelf and my Kindle and there has been countless weekends where I have done little else but read.

Napping. When I get home on Thursday I almost always immediately change into my pj’s and climb into bed. My bed. I don’t always sleep, sometimes I’ll use the time burrowed under blankets playing on my iPhone either playing games, reading, surfing Facebook. I try to only do this on Thursday…but I found myself taking a three hour nap yesterday.

Baths. I stopped taking baths when I was a little kid. I found sitting in the bathtub to be kind of boring or I just did not have a bathtub. Now though I enjoy a nice hot bath. I’ll bring in a book or a magazine and just relax.  Sometimes I’ll turn on music, but often I’ll just read in silence.

Food. Either cooking up a new recipe (or having hubby cook it). Going out to eat. But sometimes just having a really good meal is just what I need. Add in some delicious wine or a craft beer and there is nothing better.

Movies and TV. I don’t watch tv often but I watch Parenthood on Hulu every week and I’ve been catching up with movies on Netflix.

How do you de-stress after a stressful week?


14 thoughts on “Battling Stress

  1. Sorry about your stress ((HUGS))….those sound like some wonderful ways to relax. I think I need to try them. I do love Parenthood, excellent show.

  2. Well, I’m retired; and that’s the best de-stresser I can think of. But, if retirement isn’t an option, those you’ve listed will do nicely. There’s just nothing like time with a good book. And food. I’m all over food.

    I’d missed some of your posts, so I did a little skimming. Your new pup looks so tiny. It will be interesting to see what she looks like as an adult. That’s an interesting cross. And I guess Cheagle is definitely better than Beahuahua.

  3. I exercise, eat right, and never get stressed. LOL! I’m a liar… I’m proud of you for recognizing your stressors. Some people don’t. And more importantly, most do nothing about it and just let the stress build and build.

    I like a quiet time. Depends on the type of stress — I like to cook (eat, of course!), sew, read, and sometimes just pull the blanket over me and relax.


  4. I like to relax by watching junky TV in the background and noodling around on the computer. Sometimes I am too stressed to read. Knitting helps, too, though, it’s very therapeutic.

  5. well I haven’t worked since 1991 so no job stress for me and I loved the job I had so I wasn’t stressed working…Since my husbands been home for the past 6 years he is the only thing that drives me crazy…He’s a talker….I mean non stop talker…I relieve my stress by leaving the house to go grocery shopping where it is nice and quiet…he’ll want to come and I cringe….I tell him it’s my quiet time…he’s not allowed…I have heard the same stories from him for 43 loooooooooooong years….I don’t know which is worse a talking husband or a non-talker….He can talk for hours about anything…Some day I am going to write a book about him and I’m calling it…
    “Barbara Walters…..Stalin and the Pope walk in to a Bar”…….if I kill him the book will explain why 🙂

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