Venison Soup

Hubby and I are still working our way through the freezer full of venison. So far we’ve tried out venison chili, venison meat pie, venison stew and we’ve only made a very small dent in our freezer.

With this, I’m always in search for something new to do with the venison. Last week, before I left work I found a recipe for a venison soup and fully intended on picking up the ingredients and cooking up a batch. Unfortunately the soup never got made last weekend as we ended up going for the drive Sunday and ate while we were out.

The venison has already been taken out of the freezer however, so I knew it would have to be used…and soon, so while I was at work this week I gave Hubby the task of preparing the soup for us to have for lunch on Thursday. It was an easy looking recipe and we had all the ingredients on hand so I didn’t worry.

Hubby delivered the soup and it was delicious. In fact, it was easy to forget that it was a venison soup as it was very similar to the beef vegetable soup that I grew up with…probably due to the fact it’s made with beef bullion. Β In fact, the only thing I found to chide Hubby on was the fact that he didn’t serve any of his home made sourdough bread with it.

In case you are ever in the market for a good, hearty venison soup…I highly recommend this one from All Recipes. For once, we made no alterations although Hubby did consider tossing some mushrooms in.


8 thoughts on “Venison Soup

  1. We don’t get to eat venison In India as shooting is banned 😦 But in my kid days we could hunt freely and a venison dish was always on the table πŸ™‚

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