The Swell App

I’ve had my iPhone for over a year now, but I rarely download apps for it. Most of the apps I currently have, are apps that Hubby recommended to me at the beginning and since then I’ve only downloaded a handful. I do like the phone, and there are a few apps that I absolutely love (Kindle, My Fitness Pal, and Bejeweled) there aren’t too many that I can’t live without.

If you use the Facebook app, you may have noticed advertisements for recommended/sponsored apps. I started noticing them not too long ago but mostly ignored them. This past weekend however, I noticed an app that caught my eye. It was for an app called Swell and it was advertised as a Pandora like, however, instead of music Swell delivers podcasts and as you use the app and it learns your habits starts to deliver podcasts that would appeal to you. So for example, if you are a news junkie….you’ll get a plethora of news podcasts, if you are a science geek…you’ll get science related stuff. And well, if you are like me with a interest in just about anything and everything….it plays a nice ecclectic mix of everything from news reports, to episodes of This American Life a and cooking podcasts. If something comes up that you don’t care to hear, you can move on to the next podcast.

The best part is that the app is free.


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