As Winter Seems Neverending…

This weekend we finally got a respite from the extreme cold weather. In fact, going outside felt downright balmy compared to the previous week’s temps. However, the Groundhog saw his shadow which means that we still have quite a bit of winter yet to come. At least that’s how the tradition goes.

So I thought I’d go back into my old iPhone’s photos and pull up a few of the most summery and warm looking pictures and trying to remind us all that there is an end to this cold, blustery, snowy, icy winter. Consider this a public service.

photo (33) photo (34) photo (35) photo (36)0


10 thoughts on “As Winter Seems Neverending…

    • There’s a winery heading towards Cooperstown that we like, last Spring we stopped there when we were nearby for a work thing I needed to do. As it was a nice day we opted to have our samples outside and that’s how they served it.

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