Bitten by SAD

On Wednesday the Catskills got blanketed by a foot of snow. Granted, this is Western New York State. This is the Catskills…it would be unusual if it didn’t snow….but it’s been an unusually harsh winter and I’ve reached my limit. Truthfully, the only thing I’ve wanted to do since Wednesday was go into hibernation mode. If I hadn’t been at work when the snow started falling, you can be sure that’s what I would have done. 

But you can be sure I made up for it yesterday after work. And much of today (though, I did stay productive by doing housework). The rest of the weekend will most likely be even more of the same. I just don’t have the energy or the motivation to do anything or go anywhere. 

I really really need it to be spring.


16 thoughts on “Bitten by SAD

  1. I hear you…the bitter cold has gotten almost unbearable as it is so hard to leave the house with all my little people or even just play outs tide…more snow here tomorrow! Spring can not come soon enough…hang in there!!! Nicole

  2. I can so relate. We get fog here in January and February. I mean thick fog that lasts for two months solid. Not for some years now because we aren’t getting the rain, but I felt the same way. No sunshine is awful.

    Have a terrific weekend. 🙂

  3. it’s been quite snowy here as well, with more on the way sunday and wednesday!! i clean stuff out, purge and craft during the winter. i put my ipod on, crank up my tunes and it really motivates me. i like getting it done now, then when spring and summer come, the house is clean and organized, it just needs a little cleaning and up-keep. this way i can be outdoors and enjoy the weather and it feels awesome cause the house is in great shape.

    it helps to try and make the best of it. i work from home and i am use to being home and i’m sure that helps!!

    try to have a great weekend!!

  4. We got the same foot of snow here on my side of Western New York (near Niagara Falls) on Wednesday … and like you, I’m sick of it! I work an afternoon shift, but it was snowing so heavily when I was due to leave for work and had been for several hours – I ended up not going. Wasn’t worth the risk. If these storms don’t stop soon, I’ll run out of personal days & have to hire a dog sled to get me into work! Tired of it! 🙂

  5. Boy do I understand! I feel the same way… I feel like I’m not getting any enjoyment out of life right now, just surviving each day and trying to stay warm. This is why people take vacations to sunny destinations at this time of year. Wish I could afford one!

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