Shopping Day!

When Hubby picked me up from work today, we decided that as the weather was actually nice for a change (40’s!) we’d head up to Binghamton to do a bit of shopping and maybe revisit the Asian Buffet we visited a few weeks back.

Our main priority was shopping for the puppy so we headed to a pet store that we’ve been in several times before so I could check out the puppies. I’m really glad that we went in there as they had a pretty decent new puppy package that worked out really well. We got a crate, cushion, bag of treats, food and a bottle of cleaner for $86. Of course we picked up some other odds and ends, as well as some treats and toys for the cats so hopefully they will then associate Lucy with positive things like new treats and new toys. It’s probably wishful thinking though.

After the pet store, we had lunch at the Buffet and enjoyed ourselves. This time I ventured over to the regular food, not just the sushi and they had quite an assortment. I was quite pleased and enjoyed everything I had. The price is good as well, especially as this time we didn’t have wine. Instead we stuck with lemonade and tea (which is free).

After we finished with lunch, we stopped at Goodwill. I found a new pair of jeans and a few teeshirts in preparation for summer. I also picked up four new books and a few odds and ends. A pair of weights, a teapot and a few kitchen utensils that Hubby found.  I love both Goodwill and Salvation Army. I think almost my entire wardrobe is filled with stuff I picked up there or at the town’s rummage sale that they hold twice a year. As Hubby describes it, it’s indoor yardsaling.

We probably could have visited a few more places while we were in Binghamton (Barnes and Noble for example) but I was getting off two full days of work (I called out sick on Monday) and Hubby wanted to get home to attend a Lion’s Club meeting (I begged off).  So instead we headed home and I settled in with a hot bath and a book and Hubby headed for his meeting.

I’m not sure what’s on the agenda this weekend. The temps are suppose to stay in the 40’s so I’ll be heading out for some walks and hopefully spending some time with the inlaws as my SIL is home from California for a few days.  For now though I’m going to take a glass of wine and my Kindle and head off to bed.



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