A Fine Weekend

Temperatures greatly improved this weekend, reaching almost 50 degrees today. I had hoped to go for a walk at some point but that did not happen. Yesterday the weather was miserable with rain. Today I was distracted with something and we had a family party to go to so I didn’t make it. I did take some photos yesterday but unfortunately I misplaced the cord I use to transfer pictures over.

My sister in law is in town for a few days. Back in October she moved to California and this was her first trip back East. I think she’s coming over for dinner tomorrow as we didn’t have a chance to really catch up. Based on her Facebook posts though, I think she’s really liking California. She is working for Green Peace and if very passionate about it. I can’t wait to hear some stories from that.

Hubby and I also spoke to my BIL this morning who is currently working in China. He had a bit of good news to share with us though I am going to hold off on sharing it until it’s a little more official. I’m excited by the news though, and pretty thrilled as I love my BIL. I just wish I was a bit more awake when he called as it was before 8am. On a Saturday. So yeah…I was half asleep when we were talking to him.

I am thinking of cutting back on my blogging. For the past month or so I’ve basically blogged every day, even pre writing blogs for for when I’m at work but it’s getting a bit much. There’s only so much I can write about at one time and there’s other stuff I would like to concentrate on besides writing blog posts all the time. I don’t even want to put myself on any certain schedule, I’ll just post when something interesting comes up and when it doesn’t…well, I won’t stress out too much.


20 thoughts on “A Fine Weekend

  1. SO glad the weather has improved and that you were able to see your sister! Green Peace would be a wonderful group to work for…very interesting I’m sure! And as far as blogging goes…I hear ya…I have to cut back a bit too as it does get time consuming! You take care and a wonderful weekend to you! Nicole

  2. I know you have to be happy about the warmer temps. It’s finally hitting the 70’s here and I’m ecstatic! Definitely cut back on blogging if it’s causing you stress. Blogging for me is a stress-reliever…unless I try to put myself on a schedule.

  3. SOunds like things are going well for you! I definitely don’t blog as much as I did when I first started my blog… It is hard to keep up doing it every day. I don’t have anything interesting to write about every single day! I shoot for twice a week or more.

  4. Blogging every day can be a LOT of work. I usually do a few posts ahead but then I end up with a billion messages I need to answer. I’m constantly reminding myself about the need for moderation. lol

  5. i keep it really simple on my blog. lot’s of pictures, i try not to talk too much as i know for visitors, that takes a lot of commitment on their part. i have made my blog into my life story,sharing everything that makes me smile and brings me joy. i enjoy doing that everyday, but i know that’s not for everyone!!

    sounds like you received some awesome news, i can’t wait to hear it!!

  6. Sometimes blogging can get in the way of “real life” and shame on us if we let it do that – don’t put too much pressure on yourself and do it when you feel like it

  7. I am glad it is getting warmer there. have a wonderful visit with your SIl and I am anxious to hear about your BIL’s exciting news. Is he getting married?….Christine

  8. The weather was pretty cold here this week. Especially with the wind. I don’t know if this polar winter will ever leave us! Blogging certainly takes up a good deal of time…

  9. I’ve been all over the place with “scheduling” on my blog. I think most of us have at some time or another. Find a schedule (or non-schedule) that works for you and do that until it no longer works for you. Then change it up again. No rules here, right?

  10. Blogging on an everyday schedule is very hard to maintain. I used to do that too. After a few years I found I just couldn’t keep up. Now I just do it when I have the time for it to be enjoyable.

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