Dog Sitting

Next weekend, we will be getting our puppy….and one of her brothers. Yes, two puppies. Yes, we are crazy. 

This week we are having a test run. See, a few months ago, we were asked if we would be able to dogsit for a few weeks while a friend of Hubby’s boyfriend was going through a big deal medical procedure in NYC (they are from Chicago). This was way before we knew about the puppies so we readily said yes…figuring it would be good practice for when we did decide to get a dog of our own.

Finally last week, the friend was scheduled for the surgery and they made plans to fly to the East Coast and although we knew we’d be getting our own puppies soon, we couldn’t exactly go back on our word so early this morning (oh okay, 8am) we got out of bed and drove the two hours to where our friends’ were staying. 

The Beagle took to us quickly. In fact, he gave me a kiss even before I walked in the door. So that was a good sign. It was also a good sign that he was an angel while we walked him, then took him for a two hour car ride. Then we came into the house and he met the cats…who went into high alert and then hi tailed it under the bed to hide. I took The Beagle for a walk so the cats could calm down a bit and get used to the idea but when we came back the cats were still not having it and The Beagle decided to chase them around a bit. Which did not go over well. So unfortunately they have been relegated to their cat room for the time being.

Other than terrorizing the cats, The Beagle has continued to be a complete angel. He only barked a few times (at the cats) but that’s it. Even on our walks when their was other dogs barking at us, he didn’t bark back or anything. He was more interested in sniffing and lifting his leg. 

Hopefully the puppies and the cats will get along better. Fortunately The Beagle is used to being around lots of other dogs so I’m not too concerned. I just hope that the cats learn to adjust to the puppies…which, considering their small size, will make things a little better I think.

Anyone have any suggestions to us how to make this transition a little easier on our cats? They are still fairly young, not quite two years old…but until today, they have not been in any contact with dogs. 


15 thoughts on “Dog Sitting

  1. Puppies!!! Oh it sounds like you are going to have a busy household! Hopefully all the pups and kitties will learn to love each other and live in harmony. 🙂
    Have a good week!
    xo Catherine

  2. make sure the cats have the upper hand. let them always have an escape route to get away from the puppies. i’d suggest letting them sniff each other under a door for a day or two before introducing them face to face. 2 pups vs. 2 cats is a lot of terror.

    • Most of the apartment is open, but the cats do have their own room so I think that will help…plus the cats do like going outside so I think that as long as we make sure they are still free to come and go as they are used to will help with that situation.

  3. I would think introducing the cats to the puppies when they’re small would make it a lot easier and less threatening for the cats. Though I’ve never done actually that!

  4. I think time is what you need and patience as they all get to know each other. When they know it’s permanent then they will settle down and become buddies. That’s what I’ve seen anyway.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  5. So exciting! Good luck with everything. I haven’t had any experience with pets (bar goldfish) so I’m afraid I haven’t got any good advice.

  6. Haven’t had a cat with a dog at the same time. I’m so excited for you, puppies are so much fun…..enjoy each moment!

  7. I hope you post pics of the puppies! In my experiences of trial and error, it helps to make sure the cats have a safe place. When we first got my cat and already had a dog, we closed off one bedroom with a baby gate. The cat could jump back and forth in and out of the room, while the dog couldn’t get in. Also, we introduced them really slowly, starting with letting them sniff each other through a closed bedroom door. The cat and dog became the best of friends. Later, when I got another dog after my first dog passed away, I did it all wrong… the new dog just came bounding into the room with the cat, barking, and freaking the cat out. The two of them never did manage to become friends.

  8. You will be busy ~ but the rewards are great ~ love, loyalty, trust and more ~ Looking foward to seeing the photos ~ thanks, xxx ~ Happy Weekend ^_^

    ps. read that it is good to keep them separated until they get used the smell of the others and then they will adjust ~ just a thought

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