Puppy Day!

We brought the puppies home last night, so we’ve officially been dog owners for a little over 24 hours. I’m still not quite sure how everything is going to go, and I admit that for much of last evening and today I felt overwhelmed but I am calming down a bit. The puppies are adorable (promise I’ll be posting pictures soon) and the dog that we are dogsitting for is good with the puppies. He’s a great “puppy sitter” and has been keeping the little guys entertained and safe. I haven’t left them alone together, nor will I be doing that…but it has been helpful.  The cats are somewhat calming down as well. We did have an incident tonight but they have been venturing out a bit more and we finally let them outside for some fresh air (Hubby was paranoid all week that they’d run away).

Being surrounded by dogs has been a much needed comfort to me, that’s for sure. This week has been the most stressful week I have had in a long time…my dearest friend was dealing with a major crisis and I was doing the best I could to help. Mostly I could only give her support as she lives in a different state and I was at work through most of it…but I kept in contact with her throughout the days through text messages and hubby stepped up big time and got her in touch with people who could give her help. 

I’m still waiting to hear from my friend. She texted me yesterday to let me know that she was getting help and that she would keep in touch when she was able…so far I haven’t heard anything since. That’s the hardest thing and after four days straight of almost complete constant contact it’s been a little tough to be patient.

Next weekend I’m heading down to NJ to visit my family. I’ll be going down solo, hubby is staying here to keep the zoo going. I was planning on waiting until next month because of the dogs but my sister’s birthday is next Sunday and my Dad is having major back surgery soon (third one since 2010), so after work on Thursday I’ll be taking the train down and staying until Sunday evening.

So lots going on over here. Good thing dogs are natural stress relievers.


18 thoughts on “Puppy Day!

  1. I’m glad you have your babies and that everyone is getting along. Pretty soon your home will be their home and all will be well. You’ll also find the puppies and the cats sleeping together. You’ll know you’re there then.

    Have a fabulous day. 🙂

  2. So much going on. Hope your friend is doing well. You certainly have your hands full with your little zoo. Have a safe trip visiting your family. Happy Birthday to your sister and I will keep your dads surgery in my prayers.

  3. Congratulations on the puppies! I don’t know what I’d do without mine – they have truly been the best therapy I could ever ask for. Nothing like unconditional love! Prayers for a successful surgery for your dad and safe travels for you!

  4. Oh I want to see those pups! And have a wonderful time with your family and all of your celebrations. And I do so hope your friend is doing better. You have a great week and pics soon please!!! Nicole

  5. Two puppies are better then one…can’t wait to see the pictures….we were dog owners for 40 years….had 5 Goldens at one time….When our Pyrenees died a few years back we decided enough with the dogs….I couldn’t picture myself 15 years from now getting up in the middle of the night to take out an old dog….having the Boss is enough…

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