After the Waiting and Worrying

My Dad had his back surgery on Friday. Due to the fact that he some serious cardiac concerns, the week leading up to the surgery was pretty stressful. It was especially stressful on Friday as Dad’s surgery was scheduled for 11am and was suppose to be a 4-6 hour surgery…and I didn’t get any word until after 7pm that evening. But still, the surgery went as well as it could and Dad’s on the mend.

Other than the surgery, not too much has gone on this weekend. On Thursday we went to a cafe that we enjoy, but don’t go very often. They have this sweet potato soup that I love, that’s so decadent it’s like eating dessert. Not much else went on this weekend. the weather was lousy I stuck close to home, reading (The Heart is a Lonely Hunter) and finishing watching Breaking Bad and of course cuddling with the puppies. Our house is finally starting to feel normal, without the Beagle. I miss him. He was a sweet dog, and gave me an excuse to go for long walks…but the pups and cats are a lot more relaxed. The cats hate the pups, but the pups, bless their little hearts, just want to be friends with them. The pups have already graduated from being crated at night, so sleeping with us. They we’ve had them three weekends now, and already spoiled.


14 thoughts on “After the Waiting and Worrying

  1. I’m glad your dad is doing well. That is indeed stressful for him and for everyone else too. I hope he mends well and gets to come home soon.

    The puppies are fitting in. The cats will come around at some point. They are way more standoffish than dogs.

    Have a fabulous day. 🙂

  2. I’m glad your father is doing well. It’s always more difficult when it’s a long distance thing like that.
    In a month or two, those pups will be running the place!

  3. Raising my imaginary glass in a toast to your dad!

    I was amused to read about the cats and the pups because I’ve had two cats, Charlotte and Joey, since 1997. I got Joey first. After all this time, Charlotte STILL doesn’t accept Joe! Every day she looks at him with disgust and then she looks at me as if to say, “Didn’t we talk about this? Aren’t you getting rid of him?”

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