Spring Has Sprung

After a miserable two days, spring has decided to come visit us again…bringing lots and lots of sunshine. I am currently sitting out on our porch enjoying the free dose of Vitamin D and contemplating a walk with my camera. It’s definitely the perfect time for a walk…and after two days of being cooped up inside due to cold, damp weather….a walk would definitely be appreciated.Β 

But I’m kind of enjoying just sitting here, listening to the birds sing…and watching the pups snooze out here on the porch. It is truly peaceful at the moment.

There is not much new to report about my Dad. Hopefully I’ll be talking with him a bit later today. He has been moved twice. Once out of the ICU, then again from a regular floor to the physical therapy department…so that is good. One step closer to going home! I know he’s looking forward to that.Β 

I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since we brought the Beagle home to his family. I miss him, but it’s nice not to have to share the bed with him and it’s definitely been easier on the household with only four furbabies to worry about, instead of five. We’ve been doing well with the housebreaking….still a few accidents but we actually went a full day on Friday without any! I was quite the proud Mama for sure. We need to buy a replacement collar for Lucy though, as somehow they managed to chew through it. Our cats did the same thing to their collars….They are definitely learning the ropes and have been well behaved, They did get a little spoiled these last few days as like I said, the weather cooped me up and I spent a good part of the weekend lounging on the couch reading and binge watching the first season of Mad Men (so good!). The puppies have discovered that I love snugging so they’ve been having their nap time cuddled up with me.

I’m trying to get into the habit of cooking more. Lately we’ve been eating out a lot…like this week we at out twice on Thursday, once on Friday, then for breakfast this morning. It’s embarrassing. I’m really trying to save money, and this is definitely not the way to do it. So my goal is to cook more…and to utilize our slow cooker for days where we are going to be away from home for a good part of the day. I made a chicken dish yesterday and today I’m making ribs in the cooker so it’s a good start. My previous experiences with slow cookers have been bland and dull so the fact that I’m actually finding recipes that appeal to ,my taste makes me feel much better and definitely more willing to utilize the cooker for those days when I know we’re not going to be home for a good portion of the day…knowing we have something yummy waiting for us will make it much easier to come home on an empty stomach.Β 

Well, I think I’m going for that walk now. It’s almost 5pm so if I don’t go now, I probably won’t go at all.


21 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung

  1. we’ve got the damp, cold weather here in texas last night and today, but we need the rain, so i’m glad about that. fire going in the fireplace to take the chill out of the air and 4 big dogs snoozing inside. πŸ™‚ no couch or bed snuggling allowed, though.

  2. Hope you got out for a ‘photo’ walk and glad you are enjoying one less dog and that your Dad is better ~ Creative cooking with a crock pot can be fun ~ xoxo

    We had a beautiful sun shining day in the 50’s today ~ a real treat but New England is taking its time with Spring ~ Glad you liked my ‘noir’ photo ~ I really liked it too ~ sort of the ‘dark side’ but that is part of life ~ Wishing you a great week ahead and looking forward to your photography ~ ^_^

  3. The weather is awesome here today too. I’m so glad you’re enjoying spring. Finally.

    I’ve my fingers crossed for your father.

    Eating at home is way less expensive and far healthier. It’s lots of fun to go out and let someone else cook and clean up the mess too.

    Enjoy that walk.

    Have a fabulous evening. πŸ™‚

  4. I’m glad your father is improving.
    Spring has been very late this year, and still rather cool. But I think most of us are looking forward to it more this year than in a long, long time. Time to get out!

  5. Sounds like he’s making good progress. Getting moved to a regular room is a step in the right direction. We had a tiny glimpse of spring this past week. I hear it’s supposed to be nice tomorrow. And warm! I’m looking forward to that.

    As for your using the slowcooker. I highly recommend the book, Not your mother’s slow cooker cookbook (http://www.amazon.com/Your-Mothers-Cooker-Cookbook-Series/dp/1558322450). If anything, it’s a good read and a springboard of ideas.

  6. I’m glad that your dad is doing well and that spring is finally here for you all. We had a bit of a cold spell this weekend but hopefully it’ll be warm weather from here on out

  7. There’s nothing like cuddling with your dogs to relieve stress.

    We eat out a lot, too. It’s an easy habit to fall into. But I find that, after a couple of weeks of it, I’m feeling like cooking again. Cooking isn’t my thing, but I used to do quite a bit of crock pot cooking. It can be a great solution to meal planning.

  8. That’s great news about your dad … and the weather! We had a nice day here, too in western New York. Dare we hope that Winter if finally over? Guess I’m in desperate need of some of that Vitamin D, too. Had a recent blood test which showed my D was extremely low (like who’s wouldn’t be after this winter that we’ve had) … anyway Dr. prescribed some super vitamin D pill that I have to take now once a week for 12 weeks. I’d much rather take some sunshine – so hoping Spring is finally here! πŸ˜€

  9. Glad your dad is getting closer to going home!
    We are fortunate to have these last two days with decent weather, and I have been outside cleaning the yard here and there.

  10. We just had two gorgeous days here at the jersey shore. Now we are getting rain and I am glad to be indoors doing inside things that needed to be done!! I hope you took that walk, I was outdoors all weekend and the fresh air really felt great!!

  11. I forgot to mention my thoughts on eating out. Everyone always says it so expensive but I have to disagree. The hubs and I eat out a bit, and with the specials and early bird meals I find it cheaper to eat out. By the time I buy all the fresh ingredients and herbs….shop, cook and clean up, well the specials they run in this area can’t be beat. We use a lot of coupons from restaurants for buy one get one, we just used one tonight and the early bird specials are amazing!!

    I have never thought less of myself for eating out often. I am always very productive at home. Eating out, for us, is quick, easy and convienent!!

  12. Sending continued good thoughts to you and your father. I have gotten out of the cooking groove and need to get back in. Thanks for the inspiration!

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