Sickness Rolls In and Out


I was sick at the beginning of the week. On Monday I started to feel the tell tell signs that I was coming down with something and by Tuesday I was sick as a dog. And of course Tuesday-Wednesday are the two days where I literally live at work and my schedule was pretty busy so I was dreading it. I tried powering through, but by 1pm Tuesday I realized there was no way I was going to make it. My head/face/ears hurt, my nose was running nonstop and various other parts of my body ached. I could not concentrate. So I cashed in some of my sick time and came home for the rest of the week. Wednesday evening I started feeling better so no clue what hit me. Definitely too quick to be a cold so either allergies or some minor virus that struck while I was under all the stress I’ve been under.

Yesterday I got a text from my mother, letting me know that my Dad had to return back to the surgical floor from physical therapy. He has been having severe spinal headaches and needs to lay flat for 48 hours to see if that helps. If not, he will have to do another 48 hours and if that doesn’t work…well then he’ll need to have another surgery. So fingers crossed that the flat on his back thing helps. We’ll know more tomorrow when his first (and hopefully only) 48 cycle is finished.


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