Maybe I Should Teach Them to Vacuum

 So today I begged Hubby to take the puppies with him to work. The house was a mess and it’s virtually impossible to accomplish anything while trying to keep up with the furbabies. Hubby agreed and I got to work washing dishes, picking up and vacuuming. Chores that have more or less been neglected for the past month.

I left the vacuum plugged in while I attempted to clean the rest of the apartment and before I could put the vacuum away, Hubby and the pups returned. As is normal, the puppies immediately began chasing each other around and wrestling…and at some point during their wresting match, fell into the vacuum, hitting the red pedal that turns it on.

They ran away, but once it was off they returned to it and peered curiously at this machine…probably wondering what the heck happened. I immediately unplugged it and wrapped the cord up…but wistfully realized that as the puppies did learn to turn on the vacuum I probably should have used the opportunity to teach them how to push it around and become useful. I mean, sure they are only 4 months old…but surely in dog years that’s old enough to start assigning them chores.

I probably would be better off teaching them how to do dishes. I’m sure they would love to lick off the plates!


10 thoughts on “Maybe I Should Teach Them to Vacuum

  1. ROFL! I always say I want to teach my dogs to pack me a lunch in the morning because I hate doing it! But I probably wouldn’t attempt to teach them to vacuum. They hate the vacuum, and whenever I turn it on they chase it, bark at it, and even bite it!

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