Venison and Rice

If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you will remember that early this winter our good friend generously stocked our freezer up with venison. We spend a good part of the winter gamely (haha) looking for creative meals to use up our supply but we’ve still got quite a few packages tucked away. Although I did break down a few weeks ago, and buy a few packages of non venison meat, I’ve decided that before I buy more meat…I really need to use up the venison. 

Up until now, I’ve let Hubby cook all our venison meals. I have been kind of intimidated by venison as I had limited exposure to it growing up. I only had it a few times growing up and was never impressed by how my mother cooked it. So when our freezer filled up with the deer meat, I decided to step back and let hubby deal with the cooking.

Today I decided to get over my fear of the venison. Hubby and I took advantage of a gift card for Applebee’s last night, so I was determined to stay away from eating out for the rest of the week. I was left with a somewhat limited supply of food, and was trying to avoid going to the grocery store until Thursday so I has the choice between venison, venison and pork chops. I didn’t feel much like pork chops so after a quick Google search for some ideas, I pulled out the slow cooker, pulled out one of the packages of venison threw it in the microwave and gathered my supplies.

Now, I didn’t do any measuring but basically I combined ketchup, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, and maple bacon grilling seasoning and mixed it all up. Once the meat was defrosted, I put it into the crock pot and covered it in the concoction I made and that was it. I turned it every hour or so, just so it could marinate fully. 

I cooked rice, originally with the intention of serving it on the side but at the last moment was inspired to combine them together. The venison was really tender and shredded easily and I added the left over juice on top of everything then served with frozen veggies.

It made a lot of food. I still had half the piece of venison I used and half of the rice and venison so I won’t have to worry about cooking tomorrow. So I’m happy about that, even if the rice was a little undercooked. 


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