Driving Around

Yesterday was one of those perfect spring days and Hubby and I decided to celebrate the beautiful weather by taking a drive. We had no real destination, we just choose a direction and started driving, We didn’t stop anywhere and didn’t see anything overly exciting but just enjoyed each other’s company and got inspired by the change in weather. After such a harsh, snowy winter…yesterday’s adventure was much needed. I did n’t take any pictures, (shocking) but instead soaked in the scenery and made mental notes of places I want to revisit once things are a bit more green. 

After we got home, I felt inspired to sit down and come up with some ideas of what to do this spring and summer. Last summer we were so tight on money and I was adjusting to my unusual work schedule (that kept changing) that we didn’t do much of anything. We didn’t go canoeing, we didn’t go hiking, or camping or any summer activities except a few cookouts. 

So this summer…I’m really determined to do more and so I sat down and made a formal list of proposed activities. I can’t guarantee that we’ll do everything on the list, but it did make me feel better and made me excited for the change of seasons.

1. Hiking

2. Canoeing
3. Horseback Riding
4, Farmers Market
6. Train Ride
7. Hunter Mountain Fire Tower
8. Kaaterskill Falls
9. Zipline
10, birdwatching
What are some of your favorite summer activities where you live?



10 thoughts on “Driving Around

  1. I love to take those kind of rides. We’ve not done that in many years. Well we boat all the time now. Your list is a mighty fine one. I’m sure you’ll tick off most on that list. Good for you.

    Have a fabulous day. 🙂

  2. I made a bucket list of sorts at the beginning of the year and have been able to do several things already and some are in the pipeline. Others will be harder. I would love to learn how to go riding, but what with work, it is quite difficult to get some sort of definite on that! It will have to keep!

  3. Your list sounds like fun, and it gives some direction to your planning. We like to go to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee a couple of times a year, usually spring and fall; and we enjoy hiking and relaxing there. Hope you’re able to do a lot of the things on your list this summer.

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