On Why I Should Never Procreate

Exactly! @Brittany Horton Doran @Carrie Mcknelly

Yesterday morning hubby left for work and I settled down to catch up on Grey’s Anatomy and Parenthood on Hulu Plus. As it was a nice day out, I let our front door open so the puppies could run between our apartment and our second story deck. As they haven’t mastered the stairs yet (not that I’m encouraging it), this solution is a win win for us…especially when I’m involved with something.

About 15 minutes into my television watching, I realize that it’s quiet. Too quiet. I check around for the puppies in their normal napping spot under my chair but don’t see them. I check outside on the deck, as they love to nap while they sun themselves. No, no pups. I called them a few times but was met with silence. I call Hubby, thinking that perhaps he had decided to take them to work with him as he sometimes does…but my calls went to voicemail so I quickly threw on a jacket and shoes and ran up to the store where he works (as the end of our street) and find him…sans puppies.

We both start going into panic mode and immediately start canvassing the area. I return to the apartment three separate times to double and triple check that the puppies weren’t there and each time I was left with a puppyless apartment. I’m convinced that the puppies were gone for good and begin contemplating returning to a dog free life again. I make mental notes never to procreate as if I can’t keep track of two very vocal puppies…there’s no way in hell that I could keep track of a willful toddler.

Finally, exhausted and completely spent I return one final time to the apartment. I open the front door to be greeting by two excited puppies who were desperate for the treats, toys and cuddles they had been hearing us promise for an hour and a half. 

I have no idea where they were hiding, nor why they didn’t respond to my calls nor shaking of their treat bag. All I know is that for hours afterwards they slept on my lap, probably just as thankful to be around me as I was of them. And I am still convinced that I should not be allowed to have kids.


11 thoughts on “On Why I Should Never Procreate

  1. Awwww I love puppies… they probably curled up and fell asleep somewhere! That reminds me of one time when I had my cat Sammy-Joe. We’d just had some people over for the evening. After they left, I looked out the back door and saw my gray cat running across the deck and off into the shadows. I started panicking and telling my parents, “Sammy got outside!” (He was an indoor cat.) We all ran out there with flashlights and were walking around, searching high and low, calling his name and shaking his treat bag. Then I glanced at the back door and saw Sammy standing on his hind legs inside, watching us curiously, wondering why we were all out there yelling his name! It turned out the cat I saw was a neighbor’s outdoor cat. The cat i saw wasn’t even gray but in the darkness I guess he looked like it. I could have cried from happiness! Pets are emotionally exhausting!

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