Mad Men

Hubby and I do not have cable. Even before we moved in together we made the decision that cable was a big waste of money and it truly is. At least for us. Hubby rarely watches television and while there are a few shows I enjoy…they can be found online. I did breakdown a few months ago and sign up for both Hulu Plus and Netflix…because winter can get dull and there’s only so much reading and internet browsing I can tolerate. Turns out, it was a good investment.

While I’m not overly impressed with Hulu Plus, aside from the ability to watch it using the Wii and television (or my Kindle Fire), Netflix is awesome. As I have such a backlog of movies I have not seen yet…I can always find some movie to watch…and then I there are the television shows.

But wait, didn’t I just say that I don’t watch much tv?

True. However, the biggest issue that I have with television shows is that I generally hate starting a series unless I start it from the very beginning. Then, if I like it I either am forced to dedicate YEARS of my life to following it…even when it’s clearly lost it’s charm (Grey’s Anatomy) or get disappointed when others fail to see the magic and the series gets cancelled after a season or less. Thanks to Netflix, I can watch shows from the very beginning, at a speed that I’m comfortable with. So far I’ve watched Orange is the New Black, Breaking Bad and now I’m watching Mad Men.

I started the 3rd season this weekend, though, with the much improved weather I won’t blow through entire seasons in a single weekend anymore. So far I’m intrigued by this show. I absolutely loved the first season, though was not sure what to think of season 2. I’m actually considering backing up and rewatching it as I think I was too distracted. Still, I am really enjoying this show and I think it’s going to be on of my favorite series. I have such a love/hate relationship with the characters (except Peggy, I love her). I’ve has so many spoilers though, so that’s kind of annoying…though exciting too as I get to guess how certain situations are going to end up playing out. Still, if you watch the show…Please try not to spoil too much of it for me!


9 thoughts on “Mad Men

  1. If I really really really like a series, I will actually buy it on dvd. Like M*A*S*H, or the Muppets or some British series. That way I can just take a dvd out, watch and enjoy. And since I don’t really follow that many series, it pays off well enough.

  2. We do have cable and I enjoy the evening shows however I try to watch less and less each year. So when a long running series ends I do not take on a new one. I do love Netflix too and I probably should try to watch Mad Men. My son and his best girl love that show!

  3. We just cut our cable a couple months ago and have not regretted it once. We settled on Hulu Plus and a paper thin antenna. All is working like a charm. And I’m saving $85 a month. 🙂

  4. The Pres is a television-a-holid! He has the remote in his hand virtually all day unless he goes out to cut the grass. We have cable…very expensive $200 a month and Netflix and he still moans that he’s seen everything!!! He records programs on the DVR so he can watch them when he wants. Hmmmm, my answer? Well, honey if you don’t watch TV so much, there would programs available! Me, I only watch it in the evening before bed and the morning news! Enjoy Netflix…hubby does…:)JP

  5. I have the same set-up – no cable, but I have Netflix. My son and I are on a marathon of BBC’s Top Gear, a car show. On my own, I’m watching Psych. I made it through half an episode of Mad Men – just couldn’t tolerate a show about men being dicks.

  6. I’ve just recently started to watch LESS tv and am even thinking of *gasp* canceling my cable service… except for when new episodes of The Big Bang Theory and Doctor Who air

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